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  • 28th August 2020
    There's a new kid in the town. The buzz word that's capturing the attention of VCs and PEs. It is called Embedded Finance, deemed to be the Future of the Economy! In this quick writeup below let us see why this is real and the hype is justified especially in India, and also see what are the factors that are accelerating its growth. Also, let's take a sneak peek into some of the aids available to accelerate the growth in this sector.
  • 13th July 2020
    Depending on your LinkedIn Objective, identify what are the type of people you want to reach on LinkedIn (TG) and what are the keywords they will search to reach you.
  • 20th May 2020
    Does this picture sound familiar? I have seen it being used on several occasions to describe an MVP strategy. The picture seems perfect. I myself couldn’t have expressed such an important concept in such a simple but profound way.
  • 1st February 2020
    There is a Buddhist saying that our mind makes an excellent servant but a terrible master. To relate to this saying, we need to acknowledge a simple fact.
  • 24th December 2019
    At Perfios, we serve over 200 Indian banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, wealth managers and mutual funds. We extract, categorize, aggregate, and analyze over 2,000 types of (un-)structured data from over 400 banks and financial institutions.
  • 20th December 2019
    Over the ten years to February 2019, AUM of Mutual Funds in India have grown at a CAGR of 16% to reach INR 23.2 Trillion . An average CPI of 7% in that period , and therefore effectively negative interest rates on bank savings, prompted investors to seek relatively higher risk and higher return investment options.
  • 5th March 2019
    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are integral to the economic development of any country. They constitute the backbone of an economy providing employment and contributing significantly to the national GDP (gross domestic product).

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