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A bank statement is a critical document to measure the creditworthiness of a loan applicant, whether it is an individual or an SME.

Perfios uses an automated approach of bank statement analysis to analyze bank statements, combining powerful techniques with a learning engine that provides real-time analytical capabilities. The analytical output helps organizations solve their existing pain points like physical collection of documents, slower turnaround time, high manual effort, and lower productivity, all of which lead to customer dissatisfaction.

The Perfios Bank Statement Analyzer (BSA), being completely automated, eliminates errors arising from manual intervention. The automation reduces manual effort freeing up manpower for core activities and increasing overall productivity.

The Perfios Bank Statement Analysis tool generates a real-time comprehensive bank statement analysis report for uploaded or fetched bank statements giving a 360-degree view of the loan applicant’s financial health. This helps you in quick credit assessment and real-time decisioning, thus improving customer satisfaction resulting in repeat customers and customer loyalty.


  • Provides 360-degree view of the applicant's financial health
  • Seamless integration into legacy systems
  • Complete digitization of bank statements
  • Identity and document verification
  • Reports are human-readable and machine-readable
  • Eliminates errors from human intervention
  • COVID Impact Analysis

Perfios now offers "COVID -19 Impact Analysis" with key insights to assess your customers' financial position due to the impact of COVID -19.



1. Compare and Analyze

Comparative Analysis of banking data in pre COVID-19, lockdown and post lockdown periods.


2. Behavioural Impact

Obseve and analyze transactional impact due to COVID-19 on your borrower's financials. 


3. Enriched Report

Get an enriched report with key insights and trends observed in a borrowers' income, obligations, moratorium, spending pattern, etc. for complete COVID-19 Impact Analysis.

BSA for Consumer Lending: Perfios offers a seamless journey for the loan applicant to fetch their banking data directly from the banks or to upload statements (e-statements and scan statements) online. Our Bank Statement Analyser has processed bank statements for over a billion users till date.

Income Identification of employment
Income Identification

Perfios uses its ML algorithm to look at the banking credits of the loan applicants and determine their income. We clearly identify income from employment and income from other sources. The bank statement analysis reports from income verification are bespoke and fully customizable as per your requirement.

Obligation Identification of digital spends
Obligation Identification

Perfios has a deep learning curve in analyzing and categorizing the spending patterns in a bank statement of an individual. Our report can give you a clear picture of the loan obligations of the individual, credit card payments, spending patterns, and data about the individual’s areas of digital spending.

BSA for SME Lending:Perfios understands the challenges of deciphering an SME and its credit valuation. We have deep-dived into understanding SMEs, and our Bank Statement Analysis tool seamlessly automates the categorizing and analyzing of bank statements from multiple bank accounts to provide you with a complete picture of the SME’s financial health.

Income Identification through multiple bank accounts
Income Identification

Perfios Bank Statement Analyzer has a high-performance analytical engine that derives business income from multiple bank accounts of the loan applicant by analyzing all the accounts together. The engine negates internal and self-transfers within the company to derive actual business credits. With income verification, we identify the regular customers of the company and show payment patterns from these customers.

Obligation Identification of loans
Obligation Identification

Perfios has a deep learning curve on analyzing and categorizing the spending patterns in a bank statement of the companies with our bank statement analysis reports. Our reports can give you a clear picture of the loan obligation, OD analysis, regular supplier payments, cash flow gaps in the companies, and any negative triggers like cheque or loan bounces.

The Perfios Bank Statement Analyzer can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems to complete the loan origination/assessment journey. It generates reports in human-readable and machine-readable formats making it easy to process with or without human intervention.

Data Upload to the Bank Statement Analyzer can take place –
a. Online – via Net Banking Fetch and Upload Statements
b. Back Office – via Upload of statement in pdfs or scanned copies

Capacity to pay
Provides verified ‘Capacity to Pay’
Identifies relevant recurrent transactions
Identifies relevant recurrent transactions


Realtime decisioning of credit worthiness
Real-time decisioning of creditworthiness
Customizable data categorization and output
Customizable data categorization and output
Lowers cost and turnaround time
Lowers cost and turnaround time

Today, our Bank Statement Analyser is the leading decisioning engine for automated loan origination, underwriting, and loan-loss reserve solution for Retail and SME lenders, and it is designed to meet regulatory challenges and follow them thoroughly.

safe and secure

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