Data Aggregation & Analytics

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Perfios has built an extensible financial data analytics platform that can handle data from various sources with capabilities to extract, curate, clean and analyze data, building various domain-intensive solutions.

The process of data aggregation manages complex and voluminous data and presents it in a summarized format for analysis and real-time decisioning. Perfios’ Data Aggregation and Analytics platform has proven to minimize manpower effort via automation, yielding high-quality accurate reports and reducing turnaround time of the entire process.

This is possible using Perfios’ data analytics platform and the power of its AI, combined with machine learning, that generates insightful reports and relevant results – simplifying the data-decisioning procedure for institutions.

In consumer and SME lending, Data Aggregation and Analytics evaluates the borrowers’ behavior and determines their overall credit health. Perfios’ predictive analysis also makes it possible to track the borrower’s credit movement, minimizing fraud and improving risk management for the lender.


  • Extraction and curation of data from multiple data sources
  • Quality insights and real-time decisioning
  • In-depth analysis
Can manage complex and voluminous data
Highest level of security and compliance


Improved operational efficiency
Faster turnaround and cost efficiency
Improved risk mitigation and management

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