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Only 10% of SME businesses have access to capital from organized lenders, SMEs need a combination of low-cost capital of traditional lenders with the low cost of acquisition of marketplaces that aggregate SMEs.

The Perfios LSP Bridge platform enables lenders (Bank & NBFC) to participate as a lending partner with any marketplace/Fintech/Vertical aggregators both online and offline. It integrates with discrete systems of banks such as LOS, LMS, BRE, Payments, Collections creating a complete loan journey and providing a set of simple REST API for the marketplace to integrate with.

Once enabled, the LSP Bridge drives quicker GTM for both online and offline and can be extended to any marketplace, enables multiple merchant integrations and payment gateways. A single platform powers multiple lending programs for both SME & Retail such as Working Capital Loan, Supply Chain Financing, Invoice discounting, Personal Loan, Vehicle Loan, Debit Card EMI, Co-branded cards, etc.

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  • Built on top of OCEN and Perfios proprietary solutions
  • Supports multiple lending programs (SME & retail)
  • Pre-integrated with some marketplace integration such as GeM Sahay, GST Sahay, etc
  • Packaged with BRE and integration with all Perfios systems for underwriting
  • Easily scalable and drop-in configuration to participate with various loan providers
Quicker GTM for both online and offline
Can be extended to any marketplace


Single platform powers multiple lending programs
Built-in Perfios Analytics and Credit monitoring

safe and secure

Perfios is Information Security Management Certified (ISO 27001) Security Seals Certified Seal Privacy Seals Business Seals ISO 27018