Financial Statement Analyzer

Financial Statement Analyzer

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Audited financials are the most important documents required to assess the creditworthiness of an SME or a company. Since the format in which businesses report their financials is unstructured, and mostly via scanned images, the absence of a standardized format of data submission poses as the biggest challenge in data collection, analysis and decisoning.

In the Perfios Financial Statement Analyzer (FSA), you will find a unique utility that not only automates the collection, analysis, and curation of these statements but also generates a report in a final format which is bespoke as per your Credit Assessment Memo (CAM).

Your customers continue to upload their audited financial statements into Perfios in any format they prefer and experience quick, effortless decisioning in their lending journey with you.

Perfios FSA supports the financials of all constitutions:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Public Limited Companies
Income Identification
Income identification

The Financial Statement Analyzer provides the annual revenue of an SME or company based on their defined calculation rules. The financial reporting and analysis engine also has capabilities to build future projections based on these rules.

Obligation Identification
Obligation identification

The Financial Statement Analyzer extracts all the declared obligations as per the financials of the SME or company.

Perfios provides customized financial statement analysis reports giving specific treatment to line items as per your policies, and revenue projections which can be derived as per your rules. FSA helps in taking the application journey digital in a true sense, thus reducing the turnaround time and substantial savings in person-hours for your business.

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