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Fraud Check and Verification Services

available in 18 countries
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The Fraud Check and Verification suite of products by Perfios identifies fraudulent/suspicious behavior or transactions from statements submitted by your customer (Retail or SME) and highlights them as triggers in the document verification and fraud check report.

The fraud check utilities of the suite can assess the authenticity of an individual or the corporate borrower’s financial documents and flag potential risks and frauds in real time. The authenticity of documents is determined by analyzing their digital footprints and contents, leveraging our advanced machine learning techniques.

The verification utilities offer a set of capabilities that can be used by you in the process of onboarding a customer, vendor, or partner, to establish identity and profession and verify aspects like an addresss which are mandated for KYC verification. The capabilities of the suite also extend to verification of corporate entities wherein attributes of the entity can be fetched and verified.

In addition, the suite offers you a comprehensive legal report of your customer or vendor seamlessly, eliminating the time-consuming process of gathering legal information. The engine runs a search amongst 25+ crore legal cases from 630+ courts, 15+ tribunals, 5+ defaulter lists, and 15 other regulatory organizations to search for cases filed to execute a thorough legal check.

This suite of products is built as a plug-and-play system for individual utilities using APIs so you can build custom user journeys in sync with your own product offering.

Perfios Fraud Check helps you automate FCU checks, eliminating the need for physical and manual checks.


  • FCU - Fraud Check Utility
    • Bank e-statements
    • ITR V Form
    • EPF check for consumers
    • Form 26 AS e-forms for consumers
    • Credit card e-statements for consumers
  • ID verification services
  • Profession verification services
  • Address verification
  • Judicial verification

All the online document verification is done in real-time, thereby reducing cost and turnaround time to a couple of seconds.

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Perfios is Information Security Management Certified (ISO 27001) Security Seals Certified Seal Privacy Seals Business Seals ISO 27018