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SME Lending Solutions

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Perfios’ SME Lending solutions help financial institutions and lenders evaluate the financial health of SMEs and corporates applying for various credit facilities, and assess their worthiness, capacity to pay, and flag potential risks of lending.

The sheer vastness of SME reports and their cumbersome manual analysis can cause human errors impacting the accuracy of the assessment, leading to an improper understanding of the customer's true credit valuation.

Perfios SME lending solutions automate the process of credit and income assessment by analyzing data sources from various online & offline channels and generate cross analyzed reports for decisioning. Its revolutionary data analytics engine has the capacity to provide more than 1500+ data points to arrive at an accurate credit valuation of the SME and corporate borrowers.

Debt Service Coverage, Interest Coverage, and Limit Utilization related analysis are some of the industry-standard metrics in addition to the numerous data points that Perfios covers using its proprietary products such as Bank Statement Analyzer, Financial Statement Analyzer, GST Verification, ITR Verification, E-KYC, and Multi-document cross-analysis.

With automation of origination, data sourcing & analysis, Perfios has helped financial institutions and lenders to make their credit decisioning secure and seamless.


  • Supports all types of financial documents
  • Document authenticity check
  • Highest level of data security
  • Customized analysis as per lender’s policies
  • APIs available for self-service, assisted, and offline journeys
  • Real-time analysis
  • Financial insights for underwriting and decisioning
Fraud Detection
Fraud detection
Obligation identification
Obligation identification
Easy integration of APIs
Easy integration of APIs


End-to-end solution for financial information
End-to-end solution to fetch and analyze financial information
Quick turnaround time
Quick turnaround time
Improved lender experience
Improved end-customer experience


Automated fetching of income analysis data from bank statements, financial statements & income tax documents, GST data, and MCA filing data

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Fraud Check and
Verification Services

Real-time fraud check utility and verification solution to assess the authenticity of corporate borrowers & flag potential risks for the lenders

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Obligations Check

Categorizing solutions to helps lenders or financial institutions identify the present monthly committed cash flow of a loan applicant towards meeting existing obligations

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Cross Analysis of voluminous data points of SME loan applicants by combining data from all the sources and calculating the exact monthly obligation and the repayment track of the applicant

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safe and secure

Perfios is Information Security Management Certified (ISO 27001) Security Seals Certified Seal Privacy Seals Business Seals ISO 27017 ISO 27018