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Perfios Obligation Services utility helps you identify the present monthly committed cash outflow of your customer (Retail or SME) towards existing obligations.

It automates the lending process and makes it easier for you to understand your customer’s capacity to repay. As a lender, you can then make exceptions to your “Available Cash Flow” eligibility criterion, by assessing if loans are closing soon, thereby grabbing the lending opportunity.

Bureau Analysis
Credit Bureau Analysis (CBA)

Perfios CBA digitizes the bureau data for record and consumption, as per your business rule engine, to automate your lending process.

You can leverage the utility of the Credit Bureau Analysis report by providing your customer’s credit bureau reports to Perfios. The CBA standardizes the format across multiple credit report providers, so you can eliminate the dependency on a particular bureau format for your business processes. The offering supports credit reports from all major Indian and international credit bureaus and merges your customer’s obligations to derive a superset of obligations, as reported in each bureau.

In the case of companies, the commercial bureau reports submitted are extensive and can run over 50 pages; analyzing these to find irregularities in repayment and calculating the monthly EMIs is a big challenge. The CBA has the capability to extract data from commercial bureau reports, along with credit bureau reports of the company’s owners and partners, to estimate the monthly EMI for all their loan accounts and flag out any irregularities.

All Perfios reports are in machine-readable and human-readable formats for easy consumption.

Bank Statement Analysis
Bank Statement Analyzer (BSA)

Perfios has a deep learning curve in analyzing and categorizing the spending patterns of an individual or a company from their bank statements. The BSA report can provide a clear picture of the loan obligations of your customer, their other liabilities, credit card payments and spending patterns including areas of digital spending.

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Credit card analysis for consumer lending
Credit Card Analysis for Consumer Lending

A credit card statement is an unconventional data source in the consumer lending ecosystem, which is currently not being leveraged well. The Perfios credit card statement analyzer automates the extraction and analysis of the applicant’s credit card statement data to give you an understanding of your customer’s obligations and repayment capability, drastically improving the turnaround time for processing an application. As lenders or financial institutions, you can also use this report to offer new products to your customers based on their existing spend patterns, credit limits, and payment history.

Perfios can process statements either through PDF uploads or fetch the statements via seamlessly integrated journeys from your customer’s bank portal. Real-time analysis of the data delivers a quick snapshot to Perfios’ clients with insights on digital transactions done by their applicants.

The Perfios Credit Card Analysis reports can be used to build strong data models which can become a part of your business rule engine.

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