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Today, millennials prefer to search and apply for loans online. They seek instant approvals with minimum friction and physical documentation.

The expectation is for the process to be as easy as ordering a cab and they are willing to shift loyalty to providers who respond instantly with relevant products and services, in-turn offering them the best experience of the process.

Whether you are a bank, an NBFC or a FinTech, Perfios Consumer Lending Solutions (Insights) provides plug-and-play solutions that are customizable to your business and technology environment. Our algorithms are capable of working at scale with various data sources, digital, physical or a combination, and provide you with insightful data to take an instant decision, thus completely digitizing your customer’s loan application journey.

The solution lies in automation and driving efficiency to focus on value-added high-judgment decisions. Perfios automates the rules-based work of extracting, verifying, categorizing, and analyzing data, making real-time decisioning quicker and more secure, with more data points.


  • Seamless customer journey
  • Real-time analysis
  • Digitize and analyze all types of financial documents
  • Document authenticity check
  • Highest level of data security
  • Customized analysis as per client’s policy
  • Identity and document verification
  • Financial insights for underwriting and decisioning
  • Fraud detection triggers
  • Obligation identification
  • APIs available for self-service, assisted and offline journeys
  • Easy integration APIs

Perfios Insights analyzes over 720 data types to help you make high-confidence automated decisions. Deploying Perfios Insights enables straight-through processing, cutting decision-times from the typical 2 days to 2 minutes.

Perfios delivers measurable P&L impact by enhancing revenues, reducing Op-ex, turnaround time, and requiring little/no re-tooling or re-skilling to go live.

Financial Efficiency & Revenue Enhancement
Financial Efficiency & Revenue Enhancement
Reduced Turnaround Time
Reduced turnaround time


Ease of use
Ease of use
Multi-Format Support
Multi-format support
Increase in data accuracy
Increase in data accuracy
Customization options
Customization options
Wider Market Reach

Today, most financial institutions and lenders in India extensively use Perfios to simplify and accelerate their loan decisioning process without compromising on accuracy and data privacy, much to the delight of their customers.

Income Analysis

Perfios offers an automated solution to financial institutions or lenders for income and employment verification of its customers for better credit assessment and decisioning.

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Fraud Check and Verification Services

Perfios offers real-time verification services for entities and individuals to check for authenticity of the documents uploaded.

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Obligations Check

Perfios offers Obligation services to financial institutions or lenders to identify their applicant’s existing obligations. It follows an automated approach to understand the spending patterns and payment history of their users.

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Cross Analysis

Perfios Cross Analysis product offers credit underwriting solutions with end-to-end credit lending information in the form of CAM (Credit Assessment Memo) for better lending decisions.

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safe and secure

Perfios is Information Security Management Certified (ISO 27001) Security Seals Certified Seal Privacy Seals Business Seals ISO 27018