Introducing Asset Drishti by Perfios – The better way to serve clients!

3rd March 2023

Spend less time in collecting data & more time helping your customers

Perfios has come up with a novel solution Asset Drishti for RIAs to better leverage the account aggregator (AA) ecosystem.

What is Asset Drishti?

Asset Drishti was developed with the intention of drastically streamlining the investment advice process for registered investment advisors (RIAs).

With the introduction of the RBI-approved Account Aggregator (AA) framework, real-time sharing of financial information between regulated entities has become a reality. This helps collect data from financial information providers (FIPs) like banks, depositories, AMCs, pension funds and makes it accessible to financial information users (FIUs) such as individuals, lending companies, wealth managers, investment advisors, and so on. Further, AA ensures secure exchange of financial information, as it requires the user’s consent to access the data.

Asset Drishti is a self-service portal that enables RIAs to quickly & accurately access the most up-to-date financial asset information in a secured manner. Here’s how

How can Asset Drishti help RIAs?

Asset Drishti allows RIAs to efficiently access client’s financial data. RIAs can view all asset data such as bank accounts, mutual funds, equities, and other assets on this easy-to-use platform. This can save them a lot of time that is typically spent trying to collect this data from clients, especially in situations where clients themselves have lost access to this information. With Asset Drishti, RIAs can eliminate manual data entry and ensure data accuracy, cutting down the time to service clients. Asset Drishti greatly simplifies initial data collection as well as automates periodic refresh of clients’ financial information.

By getting up-to-date financial information from multiple sources, RIAs can get straight to analysing and recommending investments to clients. In addition, Asset Drishti comes with add-on analytics which offers a 360-degree view of the RIA’s customers. This provides information such as asset-wise breakdown, capital gains, P/L analytics, XIRR, spend analytics, budgeting, and more than 30 ready-to-use reports.

With Asset Drishti, RIAs can easily streamline their end-to-end investment advice process. Everything from information collection and monitoring of client accounts to client communication can be handled on this all-in-one, self-service platform.

Asset Drishti can thus allow RIAs to make quick and informed decisions on behalf of their clients.

Salient Features of Asset Drishti

Self-service portal: Easy-to-use, intuitive platform to onboard onto the AA ecosystem for data aggregation. RIAs can sign up in just a few clicks using their preferred email address.

All financial data on a single platform: Complete one-stop platform to streamline data aggregation without the need to integrate any external tools. RIAs can consolidate a wide range of financial asset data related to major asset classes like equities, mutual funds, etc. on one platform.

Communicate quickly and effectively: Allows sending of broadcast SMS, emails, bulk fetch, and schedule fetch with ease.

Secure and consent-driven: RIAs can obtain consent for data aggregation from customers with ease & automate periodic data refresh.

Monitoring and tracking: Aggregated data can be downloaded in the preferred file format such as Excel or PDF.

Analytics: RIAs can get a 360-degree view of client profiles with insights like asset-wise breakdown, capital gains, P/L analytics, XIRR, spend analytics, budgeting along with 30+ downloadable reports.

Auto-certification and auto-registration: Automatic processes are available to obtain central registration for AA with Sahamati.

Perfios’ state-of-the-art technology has enabled leading brands to become Financial Information Providers and Financial Information Users, powering over 80% of transactions in the AA ecosystem.

Asset Drishti can serve as the ultimate solution for RIAs looking to streamline their data management process and take customer experience to the next level. Talk to us about how you can leverage the power of AA with Asset Drishti.

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