Re-imagine the way your customer journeys are built and be future ready!

22nd September 2023


Picture this: you've just sat down with a cup of tea, browsing your favourite online store, when a pop-up suggests an item that feels as though it was handpicked just for you. It's not magic; it's hyper-personalisation at play. Now, let's throw in some surprising figures. A recent Evergage study, a wing of Salesforce, disclosed a staggering 86% of companies reporting a measurable surge in business outcomes due to hyper-personalisation. Moreover, according to a Deloitte report, a whopping 90% of consumers find such personalised marketing not only appealing but almost irresistible. And it doesn’t stop there. Reflect on this – a 2021 McKinsey report divulged that 78% of consumers admitted that personalised content nudged them closer to revisiting a brand.

Re-imagine the way your customer journeys are built and be future ready!

The message is crystal clear. Businesses today can no longer afford to skirt around the edges. It's time to re-imagine the way your customer journeys are built and be future ready! However, whilst these figures paint a promising picture, they also highlight a stark gap. If consumers are clamouring for personalisation, why aren’t all brands hopping on this bandwagon with vigour? Let's delve deeper into the world of hyper-personalisation solutions and uncover these industry gaps.

What's Hyperpersonalisation?

Ever stumbled upon an online recommendation that seemed eerily perfect for you? Welcome to the world of hyperpersonalisation. It's not about lumping everyone into a few categories. Instead, it hones in on the subtle differences among us, making brands feel more like attentive friends rather than faceless corporations.

"Hyperpersonalisation? Tailoring for one, not the many."

Banking's Personal Touch

Banks are now all about you. They offer personalised advice, bespoke investment tips, and tailored loans. Behind the curtain? AI and machine learning, ensuring spot-on recommendations.

Quick Stat: Hyperpersonalisation boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Crafting Personalised Experiences

Want your brand to shine? Here’s the plan:

Data Collection: Get to know your audience.

Segmenting the Data: Group by demographics, habits, and history.

Metric Magic: Engage strategically. Timing and medium matter.

Aftermath Analysis: Review. Learn. Refine.

In this era, to truly stand out, it's about the right message to the right person. Hyperpersonalisation is that key.

Diving Deep with Perfios HPE

Ever imagined the power of 3 years' worth of data? At Perfios Hyperpersonalisation (HPE), we've created a vast data lake spanning this duration, enabling us to spot trends and craft unique profiles. Our mantra? Razor-sharp personalisation.

"At Perfios, it's not just about data; it's about the individual behind the data."

Crafting Custom Profiles

Understanding your spending habits and behaviours allows us to sketch out a profile that’s uniquely yours. Our 'Customer Spend Profiling' service doesn’t just grasp your patterns; it uses them to recommend products that fit just right.

Bank Partnerships: Beyond Transactions

Forge a bond with a bank, and it's not just about the here and now; it’s a long-term relationship, especially for salaried folks. These lasting ties mean consistent needs for varied banking services. And as one advances in their career, with a swelling pay packet, the appetite for financial products grows too. Banks can harness these deep-rooted relationships, cross-selling products from savings accounts to insurance and investments.

So, with Perfios HPE, it's more than just banking – it's about understanding, adapting, and growing together.

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Perfios core data platform has been built to aggregate and analyse both structured and unstructured data and provide vertical solutions combining both consented and public data for the BFSI space catering to their stringent Scale Performance, Security, and other SLA requirements.

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