Communication - It’s Your Bridge to Opportunities

22nd September 2020

All of us need Opportunities to showcase our skills, capabilities, talent.

But, where do Opportunities come from? They come from People who bring opportunities in our life.

Opportunities don’t fall from the sky. Even if you believe in some higher power, destiny- those higher powers deliver the opportunities to us through people.  

That chance encounter with a stranger at a Party or on a Flight leading to business collaboration.

A Connection with the new acquaintance on the golf course that results in a Deal.

The engagement with a Professor in another college leading to a referral for an exciting job.

This happens often. When we meet and connect with People, opportunities get created.

If this premise is true, then all of us must learn how to communicate with people. Only then can we capitalize on the opportunities that come through people. Whether it is to convince, persuade, engage, tell stories, influence, present, negotiate, inspire- There are many facets to the art of communication.

Unfortunately, many of us think that communication is no big deal. 

“I am convent educated, I speak good English, and therefore I am good at communication.”

We think speaking is communication. So we all communicate without being aware of what good communication looks like.

Let me use a metaphor here. Imagine you join a swimming club and jump into the pool and somehow figure out how to swim. You become an untrained swimmer. Now, what happens if you start swimming laps without learning the right technique? You will huff and puff, splash your body around and move from one end to the other. But, you will find swimming exhausting. On the other hand, if you take formal training, learn the correct technique, and practice the right way, you will swim effortlessly.

Like swimming, Communication is a skill that needs to be learned and developed. Watch Videos, Join Toastmasters, Read Books. There are many tools out there to help you learn the right techniques.

Know that your growth in life and career is directly related to how good you are in your Communication skills(Not speaking abilities). Learn the different facets of communication and practice by engaging with people of all walks of life- Strangers, Experts, Leaders, Teachers, Friends, Clients. 

Remember, every person you connect and engage with is potentially a hidden opportunity that can bring something exciting into your life.

Communication is the bridge that connects you with people and opportunities.


Author: Pramod Veturi, CEO International Business

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