The role of No code and Low code in digitalisation of fintech sector

25th September 2023


Ever wondered how a local farmer, miles away from the nearest bank, can effortlessly open an account without ever setting foot in a branch? Or how a small business in a distant village manages its finances without an internet connection? The magic behind these scenarios is the innovative use of no-code and low-code applications. With Perfios onboarding APIs, the world of digital banking and financial inclusivity is expanded, reaching every corner of our nation. But before diving deep into these transformative tools, let's understand their foundational principles and how they're reshaping our digital landscape. Join us on this enlightening journey.

Decoding the World of Low-code and No-code: A Coffee Analogy

Brewing Your Own Coffee: The Essence of Low-code

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, eyed the barista meticulously measuring coffee grounds, and then expertly using an espresso machine to craft the perfect cup? This scene captures the essence of low-code development.

Much like that skilled barista, a developer using a low-code approach has a toolset that simplifies the process. They don't need to roast the beans or cultivate them; they can dive straight into crafting. With low-code, developers use intuitive visual interfaces—akin to the espresso machine's dials and buttons—to rapidly create applications. Yet, the unique part is the ability to add their own twist, just like a barista might add a sprinkle of cocoa or a dash of vanilla.

Applications developed through low-code can range from website and mobile app development to more intricate systems like appraisal management software or the integration of next-gen technologies like machine-learning libraries. It's also worth noting that low-code platforms empower non-technical individuals to perform tasks like building bots, resembling a coffee enthusiast perfecting their brew at home.

For those interested in diving deeper, experts like Jamil Spain have elucidated the topic in several insightful videos.

Instant Coffee: Delving into No-code

Now, consider a morning where you're pressed for time. You opt for a sachet of instant coffee—no measuring, no machines, just a simple mix, and you're good to go. This epitomises the no-code approach.

With no-code, the development process is streamlined to its most basic form. Everything is pre-packaged and ready to use, much like that sachet of instant coffee. Developers, or even individuals without a technical background, can quickly craft applications using 100% visual tools, without a single line of code.

Ideal applications for this approach include self-service apps for business, dashboards, and simple automations. Think of straightforward tools, akin to calendar planners or facility management tools. It's all about convenience and speed, catering to those who need solutions without delving into the nitty-gritty.

In essence, both low-code and no-code cater to a spectrum of needs. Whether you're crafting an artisanal coffee or reaching for that instant mix, there's a solution tailored to your requirements in the software development world.

Harnessing No-Code and Low-Code in Fintech

Speedy Implementations The fintech landscape changes swiftly. With numerous emerging platforms, businesses need to be agile. Thanks to no-code and low-code platforms, introducing new financial options now takes mere days instead of months.

Cost Efficiency Low-code platforms are a financial boon. They not only reduce development time but also decrease the overall cost of ownership, benefiting from economies of scale in large payment systems.

Sharpened Product Focus Non-financial services are now integrating financial features, intensifying competition. Low-code platforms empower these services, offering top-notch fintech capabilities. Plus, they free up developers to focus on enhancing the user experience.

Trustworthy Security In the digital payment realm, security is paramount. Certified low-code platforms ensure both businesses and customers can trust the system's security measures. These platforms strike a balance, offering security without compromising convenience.

Regulatory Ease Navigating through regulatory requirements can be daunting. Using no-code or low-code platforms helps businesses stay compliant, reducing the risk of hefty penalties.

Global Payments Made Simple In our globalised world, businesses need to cater to cross-border payments. No-code and low-code platforms facilitate this, expanding the potential market reach and easing international compliance challenges.

Simplified Global Expansion Venturing into new regions brings challenges, especially in payments. With no-code and low-code platforms supporting multiple geographies, businesses find international expansion smoother and more efficient.

Boosting digitalisation: The Magic of Perfios No-Code APIs

Seamless Onboarding in Remote Corners In rural areas, where traditional banking infrastructures are scant, accessing financial services can be challenging. Consider the scenario of a farmer: previously bound by the limitations of distance and technology, they can now initiate their banking journey remotely. Perfios no-code APIs have made it feasible for such individuals to open bank accounts and complete their KYC processes without the constraints of physical visits or internet connectivity.

Streamlining Decision Making for MSMEs The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector often faces hurdles when seeking financial support. Detailed financial, tax, and investor data is pivotal for prudent decision-making. With Perfios, financial institutions can access a consolidated data view, streamlining the due diligence process. This empowers them to process loans with a higher degree of accuracy, ensuring financial support reaches deserving entities swiftly.

Revolutionising Microfinance Operations Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) have a pivotal role in supporting small businesses. With operational costs being a significant concern, adopting solutions that reduce overheads is crucial. Perfios' platform allows these institutions to seamlessly cater to their clients, driving financial inclusivity further.

Introducing InteGREAT: A Comprehensive Lending Management Solution

Tailored for the intricate financial landscape, InteGREAT stands out as a comprehensive solution, especially for multiparty use cases within the finance and insurance sectors. It provides:

1. Efficient Onboarding: Customizable forms and applications enable easy and efficient customer onboarding.

2. Configurable Workflows: Catering to multiparty products becomes seamless, allowing institutions to manage diverse client needs.

3. Comprehensive Monitoring: Track applications, assess credit risks, and verify identities and documents with precision.

4. Financial Insights: Enhance underwriting and decision-making processes with in-depth financial insights.

5. Auditing & Reporting: Maintain transparency and adhere to compliance with process enforcement, audit trails, and ready-to-use reports.

Furthermore, with a focus on data privacy and security, InteGREAT ensures that businesses operate in a safe and compliant environment.


No-code and low-code platforms are reshaping the digital landscape, drawing parallels with artisanal and instant coffee approaches, respectively. Their integration into fintech, especially with Perfios no-code APIs, has revolutionised financial inclusivity, making banking accessible in remote areas and streamlining processes for MSMEs and MFIs. These platforms ensure agility, cost-efficiency, and heightened security in an ever-evolving financial sector. As we advance, the potential of these tools is immense, pointing towards a future with seamless, global financial interactions and broader inclusivity.

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