Cut the Branch of Comfort

18th December 2020

Author: Pramod Veturi, CEO, International Business

A few days back, I was in a coaching conversation with a young friend who was feeling stuck in his career. As we got chatting, something triggered a train of thoughts for him, and he said.

“I just realized that I have been stuck in a web of comfort of my own making. I have been working very hard on things that are in my comfort zone and resisting anything that does not feel comfortable. It’s time I did something different.”

What my young friend said sparked the memory of a story I heard long back.

The Case Of The Lazy Falcon

The Moghul King Akbar once received a special gift of 2 Perigrine Falcons from a traveling merchant. The King handed over the care of the two birds to one of his Farm Keepers, an expert at Falconry, and asked him to train the falcons to help in future hunting expeditions.

A couple of months went by. The farm keeper informed the King that one of the two Falcons was doing very well, flying majestically and soaring in the skies. But, there was something wrong with the second Falcon. 

“Your highness, from the first day, this second Falcon has been sitting on the branch of a particular tree and refuses to move from its perch,” the farm keeper said.

King Akbar was intrigued. He asked for some animal experts to look at why the bird was not flying. Come what may, he wanted to see the second Falcon also fly. 

Many people came to the farm and tried various tricks to make the bird fly, but in vain. It refused to budge.

Exasperated, King Akbar decided to bring in his wise minister Birbal to solve the problem of the lazy Falcon.

“Birbal, I want to make this Falcon fly,” the King told his favorite courtier.

“Please give me a day, your highness. I will look into the problem,” Birbal said.

The next morning, King Akbar’s wish was granted. He saw the second Falcon soaring high above the palace grounds. Delighted, he summoned Birbal.

“How did you make this Falcon fly?” he asked, fascinated.

Birbal smiled and replied, ” It was quite simple your highness. I simply cut the branch on this bird was sitting.”

Cut The Branch Holding You

We are all born to fly- to fulfill the incredible potential we all have. But, often, like the second Falcon, we sit on some branch, clinging to the things that are familiar to us. We remain stuck in our comfort zone. We don’t make an effort to venture out, unwilling to take risks. The possibilities are endless, but they remain unfulfilled for many of us because we persist in sitting on our branches of comfort.

Ask yourself, “What is the fear that is stopping me from taking the risk?” What is that uncertainty that is preventing me from showing up and fulfilling my potential?”

What is that branch that is holding you back from reaching for the heights you were born to scale?

Cut that branch you are clinging to and take off to reach for the heights you were born to scale. Take flight!

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