3 Types of Hacks for making better use of LinkedIn

13th July 2020


1.Depending on your LinkedIn Objective, identify what are the type of people you want to reach on LinkedIn (TG) and what are the keywords they will search to reach you.

2.In your Headline, use the keywords which you think people will use to search you

3.Add a cover pic with proper description of how you create value for your TG. You could go to Canva.com and search for LinkedIn Banner to get templates 

4.In the featured section add at least 3 links/videos/articles. Ideally add one video introduction about yourself featuring yourself in it. When you add links sometimes the preview image is blank so use "peek link" to add preview image.

5.In the experience sections - For each of your experience add couple of links of case studies/achievements


Up to 5k connections it is really important what type of people you have connections with. You should make sure that all of them are people who are in your TG

1.Remove irrelevant connections from your network

2.Add connections with people in your TG

3.Add people who would engage with content (To find people who engage - Go to your competitors/similar persons posts and see who has liked it)

4.Sometimes, to find the right people LinkedIn search filters are not enough so use "LinkedIn Boolean Search Tool"

5.Enable follow instead of Connect on your profile. Go to Settings -> Privacy-> Who can follow you -> Enable follow to be primary action. This will allow you to be in better control of who gets to be your connection


If you are in marketing, you might have heard 100 times, Content is king, it is 100% true.

1. Prefer writing posts over articles

2. The format of the post should be in following 3 parts:

First 3 lines - Catch phrase - Keep info in the first 3 lines minimum and catchy so that people click on see more... (more people click on "see more..." better will be the reach of the post)

Body - Do not write posts in long paragraphs, break it down into many small paragraphs with 1-2 lines

CTA - End post with Questions/Anything which encourage comments

3. Do not include images/links in your posts (not even link to your website) if you have to add anything then add it in the first comment

4. End your posts with 2-3 very broad hashtags (LinkedIn hashtags works very differently than Insta hashtags)

5. Best time to post is 9am-2pm. You may schedule posts using PUBLER

6. Apart from posts, another highly engaging content is adding valuable comments on other's post.

Please try these out and let us know if you see an increase in your reach

If you have any questions on any of the above points, reach out at vipul@perfios.com

Author: Vipul Rawal, Vice President - Business Development

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