The reflection of your soul: How the world reflects your inner being

9th April 2021

Author: Pramod Veturi, CEO International Business

This evening I was in a conversation with a friend who was complaining about something someone had done, and I reminded him about the story of the two travelers. I have taken his permission to share the story. Some of you may have heard of it.

In one old country, a gentleman decided to move from one town to another, searching for greener pastures. After traveling for a few days, he reached the outskirts of a new town, where he noticed an old man selling fruits to travelers.

The gentleman went across to the old man and asked him- “I am looking to settle in a new town. You seem to be from this town. Can you tell me what this town is like ?”

The old man was wise. He asked the traveler, ” Oh, you are looking to move into this new place? Can you tell me how your old town was like?”

The traveler responded, ” the old place was dreadful. Everyone was petty, small-minded, and unhelpful. That is why I decided to move out.”

The old man told the traveler, ” Oh, what a pity. I must tell you this town is also very much the same. I don’t think you will like this place.”

A few days later, another traveler came the same way, went across to the old fruit seller, and asked the same question ” Dear sir, I am looking for a new place to settle down. Can you please tell me what this town is like?”

The wise old man asked the second traveler the same question as he did the first traveler ” What was your old town like?”

The second traveler responded, ” it was wonderful. Everyone was friendly, and I was very happy. I love exploring the world. That is why I have decided to move out and experience a new place.”

The old man responded- “This town is very much the same. I think you will like this place a lot.”

The World Reflects Who You Are

I shared this story with my friend to remind him that often what we experience of others and their behavior towards us is a reflection of our behavior and mindset towards them.

  • You see people as cunning if you have a trait of cunningness in you. 
  • If in your mind you feel stressed, you will feel like everything around you is not peaceful.
  • You see people as helpful if you are of a helpful nature yourself. 
  • You see people as unhelpful if you are not open to helping others yourself, and vice versa.
  • If you are of a generous nature, you will experience generosity in people’s actions around you. 

The world reflects who you are on the inside. Give your best and you will get back the best.

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