Ten Signs You Are Growing

1st December 2020

Author: Pramod Veturi, CEO, International Business

One of the fundamental human needs is seeking personal growth. It is human nature to try and grow across both the material and spiritual realms of our life as we age. Material and Spiritual dimensions are the guardrails of our life. They need to evolve in tandem. If not a sense of imbalance creeps into our lives. This imbalance manifests as a Midlife crisis for many people, where, despite significant progress and growth in the material dimension of their lives, they feel rudderless, disconnected, and disenchanted.

It’s easy to track tangible signs of our outer progress in areas like our career, business, financial situation, or health, where we see more obvious and measurable results. However, it is not very easy to track progress when it comes to personal growth.

Are we evolving in our inner world-spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally?

Here are ten indicators that you could check yourself on to know that you are evolving.

1. You recognize that there is a bigger force that governs our life. You go with the flow, in faith, knowing that the      universe is benevolent. Whatever happens, is meant to happen, and it’s all for a reason. You become comfortable with failing because you see it as a valuable contributor to your growth.3. Current Ratio 

2. You develop an awareness of your emotional state and your unconscious behaviors. You become less reactive and don’t give into instinctive and unconscious emotional outbursts.

3. You take responsibility for everything that happens, good or bad, in your life without ascribing blame to external circumstances or factors. You consciously avoid getting into the trap of the victim mindset.

4. Gratitude becomes part of your habitual thinking process. You become more grateful as a natural state in your daily life. You start appreciating the grace of the divine force in all the mundane and day to day elements.

5. You realize that the foundation for a fulfilled life is in being connected authentically with a core set of relationships– family, friends. They take precedence over all other factors in your life. These relationships are your source of solace, comfort, and growth. 

6. You become comfortable with your vulnerability. You are ok admitting to yourself and others that you can go wrong. You are willing to expose your insecurities and fears without worrying about others judging you. 

7. You learn that it takes daily effort and discipline to manage an excellent physical and mental outlook for your life. Therefore, you have a set of daily routines like meditation, mindfulness, exercising, etc., to ensure you are nurturing the garden of your mental and physical life with care and attention.

8. You can decipher patterns and connect the dots across the different facets of your life. You become naturally adept at problem-solving. You start focusing on the causes instead of dealing with the effects. You become aware of your hitherto unconscious beliefs, habits, and behaviors that contribute to some of the challenges and issues you encounter in your life. And, you start dealing with them.

9. You become more open to others’ new viewpoints, including the perspectives of those you feel challenged/frustrated by. You may not agree with or like those perspectives, but you’re willing to pause to consider before jumping to judgment.

10. You live life on your own terms without compromise, pursuing what you truly aspire.

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