Unified Branch Assist: 12 Key Features To Maximise Lending Potential

12th March 2024

In the fast-paced world of finance, where every second counts and accuracy is non-negotiable, imagine a solution that simplifies the complex process of loan management and empowers banking professionals to serve their clients with unprecedented efficiency.

Enter Unified Branch Assist (UBA), a revolutionary platform designed to streamline banking operations and enhance the borrower experience. Picture a typical day at a bustling bank branch, with Credit Processing Agents (CPAs), Digital Sales Agents (DSAs), and Relationship Managers (RMs) juggling multiple tasks to meet customer demands.

In this scenario, UBA emerges as a game-changer, offering a seamless approach to loan processing. Imagine a borrower walking in, seeking financial assistance. With UBA, the process kicks off effortlessly as loan entries are swiftly created, capturing essential borrower details without hassle.

As documents are gathered and verified through UBA's user-friendly interface, what was once a cumbersome task becomes a breeze. The platform meticulously analyzes data, generating insightful reports that guide decision-makers toward informed choices, thus revolutionizing the loan disbursal process.

UBA isn't just a tool; it's a trusted partner, empowering both borrowers & banking professionals holistically to navigate lending complexities with ease.

Optimizing Your Lending Strategy: Unveiling 12 Key UBA Functionalities

Join us as we delve into the functionalities and profound impact of Unified Branch Assist, where every interaction brings us closer to a future where banking is synonymous with simplicity, efficiency, and unparalleled customer satisfaction:

Unified Branch Assist (UBA)

1. Loan Creation

In Unified Branch Assist (UBA), the process of loan creation is designed for utmost flexibility and efficiency. Borrowers, Digital Sales Agents (DSAs), or Admin Users can initiate loan applications seamlessly. Notably, managers have oversight, accessing all loan entries from their respective DSAs. This enables them to take decisive actions such as approval, rejection, or assigning loans to different agents. Two distinct pathways streamline the process further: one for new borrowers and another for existing ones. With UBA's Loan Creation functionality, the lending journey becomes not just accessible, but also intuitive and responsive to diverse borrower needs.

2. Document Collection

In UBA, the Document Collection feature simplifies the process of gathering essential borrower documents ensuring a seamless journey from loan initiation to approval. Digital Sales Agents (DSAs) or Relationship Managers (RMs) can effortlessly upload required documents through various methods catering to borrower preferences:

UBA Document Collection

1. Scanned Document Upload: Easily upload scanned copies of documents like bank statements and salary slips.

2. E-PDF Document Upload: Seamlessly submit electronic PDF copies of documents for verification.

3. Image Upload: Capture images of documents such as PAN cards and Aadhar cards for quick submission.

4. Online Fetch: Enable borrowers to provide documents by logging into respective websites, streamlining the process further.

Moreover, if there's a co-borrower involved, UBA accommodates their document capture needs seamlessly. With Document Collection in UBA, the cumbersome task of gathering borrower data transforms into a straightforward process, ensuring all necessary documents are collected with ease.

3. Dashboard View

The Dashboarding functionality within UBA offers a consolidated view of essential system data. What sets it apart is its complete configurability, tailored to each client's specific needs. Imagine a dashboard where key metrics like the total number of loan entries by a DSA or anticipated commissions based on processed loans are just a glance away. Additionally, users benefit from a convenient filtering feature, allowing them to refine their view for precise insights. With Dashboard View, navigating complex data becomes effortless, empowering users to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively.

4. Document Analysis

Following document submission, UBA springs into action, harnessing its Document Analysis functionality to extract vital details from the uploaded documents. Authorized systems are tapped into, retrieving individual document specifics to compile comprehensive reports. This feature isn't just limited to document retrieval; it extends to thorough verification and analysis. UBA meticulously examines various documents such as Bank Statements (BSA), Financial Statements (FSA), GST filings, and Income Tax Returns (ITR), among others. Once processed, these reports are readily downloadable and viewable, empowering users with actionable insights derived from thorough & secure document scrutiny.

5. Cross Analysis Report (CAM Report)

In UBA, the Cross Analysis Report (CAM Report) emerges as a pivotal tool for lending institutions seeking comprehensive borrower credit details. This feature enables users to generate and download CAM reports directly from the portal, facilitating further analysis. Leveraging data from multiple loan documents and open-source intelligence, the CAM report offers a consolidated view that aids in making informed credit decisions. By swiftly revealing insights and detecting discrepancies in loan applications, UBA's CAM report not only saves time for credit managers but also strengthens defenses against financial fraud.

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6. ID Verification

In UBA, ensuring the authenticity of borrower and co-borrower identity details is paramount, which is why the platform features an advanced ID Verification functionality. This feature allows clients to cross-verify provided identity details with authorized entities, offering a seamless process integrated within the UBA system.

Once documents are uploaded, UBA fetches individual document details from authorized systems, presenting them in a comparison window. Digital Sales Agents (DSAs) can then meticulously compare and verify the details provided by the borrower against the fetched document details. Upon verification, DSAs can download comprehensive reports for each document, ensuring a transparent and accountable process. Supported documents for verification include a PAN card, Driving License, Aadhaar card, and Passport, among others.

7. Search Functionality

Empowering users with precision and efficiency, the Search functionality in UBA simplifies loan data exploration. Users can effortlessly filter loan entries based on specific criteria, whether it's by status (such as INITIATED or REJECTED) or other parameters. By inputting desired filters and clicking 'Search,' users gain instant access to relevant information displayed in a structured table format. Moreover, the feature offers multiple filter options, ensuring a customizable and intuitive experience for users navigating through loan data. With UBA's Search Functionality, finding the right information becomes not just a possibility, but a seamless reality for users at every stage of the lending process.

8. Video KYC and V-KYC Report

In the fast-paced world of lending, speed is crucial. Recognizing this, UBA introduces its Video KYC feature to expedite borrower verification processes. This innovative feature enables clients to conduct KYC verification via secure video calls, eliminating the need for borrowers to visit physical branches. With Video KYC, borrowers can complete their verification swiftly, accelerating the loan disbursal process.

Moreover, UBA generates a VKYC report post-verification, providing a comprehensive record of the verification process. With cutting-edge capabilities like Video KYC and V-KYC reports, UBA empowers banks and NBFCs to enhance operational efficiency, minimize delays, and ultimately, retain valuable business.

9. Pre-Integrated with K-Scan

UBA is built on top of Pefios’ K-Scan, a powerful tool designed to provide credible intelligence about businesses and individuals, thereby facilitating better financial decision-making. This cutting-edge feature provides a comprehensive 360-degree view, delivering valuable insights into demographics, business dynamics, management, ownership, and financials—all in a single, user-friendly report.

By offering a holistic perspective, K-Scan empowers users to assess risks, identify opportunities, and navigate complexities with confidence. With this feature at their fingertips, UBA users can make informed financial decisions that drive success and mitigate risks effectively.

10. E-Stamp and E-Signature

In today's digital world, signing documents electronically is crucial. UBA introduces two key features to make this process easy: E-Stamp and E-Signature.

1. E-Signature: This is like your digital signature, representing you when you sign a document online. It's legally binding and proves that you've approved the document.

2. E-Stamp: Think of this as a digital version of a company seal. It's associated with a business and serves as the company's official mark on a document.

With UBA, users can electronically sign and stamp documents with just a click. All they need to do is upload the document and click a button to complete the process. This saves time and hassle, as there's no need for physical signatures or stamps. With these features, UBA makes document handling faster, safer, and more convenient.

11. Address E-Verification

Innovating further, UBA offers Address E-Verification, eliminating the need for physical visits to verify borrower addresses. Instead, borrowers or their relatives receive a specialized link to upload necessary documents and details for e-verification. This efficient process not only saves lending institutions time but also reduces costs associated with manual verification. By leveraging digital channels, UBA ensures faster and more precise address verification.

12. E-Mandate

E-Mandate, a digital payment service facilitated by the Reserve Bank of India and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), revolutionizes recurring payments for Indian businesses. It serves as the backbone for collecting payments without human intervention.

Here's how it works: A mandate is a standard instruction given to your bank and other relevant institutions, authorizing them to automatically deduct a specified amount from your bank account. With E-Mandate, businesses can seamlessly collect recurring payments, sparing customers the hassle of manual transactions.

This streamlined process not only enhances convenience but also ensures timely payments, benefiting both businesses and customers alike. With E-Mandate, the era of effortless recurring payments has dawned in India

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Signing off:

In the realm of finance, where agility and precision reign supreme, Unified Branch Assist (UBA) emerges as a transformative force, reshaping the landscape of banking operations. Through our journey exploring UBA's extensive functionalities, we've witnessed the profound impact it has on streamlining lending processes and enhancing the borrower experience.

Imagine a world where loan management is seamless, and banking professionals are empowered to serve their clients with unprecedented efficiency. UBA makes this vision a reality, providing a user-friendly platform where Credit Processing Agents (CPAs), Digital Sales Agents (DSAs), and Relationship Managers (RMs) can navigate complex tasks effortlessly.

From the intuitive Dashboard View to the comprehensive Document Analysis and Verification features, UBA equips users with the tools they need to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively. The platform's advanced functionalities, such as Video KYC and K-Scan, go beyond standard offerings, offering insights and capabilities that drive operational excellence.

Moreover, with innovations like E-Stamp, E-Signature, and Address E-Verification, UBA ensures that document handling and verification processes are not just faster but also more secure and convenient. The integration of E-Mandate further revolutionizes payment collections, ushering in an era of effortless recurring payments for businesses and customers alike.

As we conclude our exploration of UBA, it's evident that this platform isn't just a solution—it's a catalyst for banking professionals and borrowers alike to unlock new avenues of efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


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