India's New Data Law Mandates Age Gating. Perfios has the Perfect Solution!

7th December 2023


● All you need to know about India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

● Age-gating and immersive insights into what is age-gating, industries it is applicable to and the use cases of age-gating

● Perfios low-cost and high efficiency age-gating solutions for all industries.


Think of it like a bouncer at a club who checks IDs to make sure that everyone is of age. In the digital world, age verification ensures that young users are not exposed to content or services that are inappropriate for them.

When it comes to data protection the journey can be both enlightening and confusing. Some aspects are clear while others remain a bit fuzzy. However overall the digital landscape remains consistent.

Except for one thing; the Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023. That particular legislation is far from ordinary.

What is the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023?

The Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023 represents a step in a landscape dominated by outdated regulations. It's not just any other new regulation; it's a step towards safeguarding individuals' data rights.

However the provision that particularly piqued my curiosity was the age gating regulations. Let's delve into why they're noteworthy.

Decoding the Act: What's in the Box?

The Act at its core provides a framework for handling data in the digital realm. It's like a rulebook for a high stakes game with Data Principals (that's you and me) being the players. Before any company can process our data they must obtain our informed consent.

Seems fair doesn't it?

But that's not it. It is followed by the Data Protection Board of India acting as the watchdog to ensure that everyone follows the rules. However, here's where things get interesting.

According to the Act anyone under eighteen is considered a "child". Now this may sound simple enough. In the world it brings about significant changes. Why? Because businesses are now required to verify users' ages when handling their data.

Age-Gating: Not Just Another Digital Term

Age gating may sound a bit technical. It's actually quite straightforward. Think of it as having a bouncer outside a club who checks IDs to make sure everyone is of the age. In the real world, aging serves the purpose of ensuring that young users don't come across content or services that are not suitable for them.

In this world age gating is no longer just a luxury; it has become an absolute necessity. It acts as a shield safeguarding individuals from getting exposed to the vast and often bewildering landscape of the internet.

But it doesn't stop there – the Act goes beyond defining age gating; it emphasizes its significance. Before businesses can process a child's data they require consent from their parents or guardians. It's like asking for permission before borrowing a book from someone's personal collection. And let me tell you the Act is very clear about this; no practices, like tracking or targeted advertisements aimed at kids.

Industry-wise use cases of Age-gating

Industry-wise use cases of Age-gating

Enter Perfios: The Age-Gating Maverick

In this changing world some companies are at the forefront. Take Perfios for example they're like that friend who always has the technology gadget. Perfios is leading the way with age verification solutions that're incredibly smooth.

Three simple ways with which Perfios can verify the age of any individual:

● Age-gating using Aadhar Card

● Age-gating using Pan card

● Liveness check to detect face and verify it with Aadhaar/ PAN

Wrapping Up: The Digital Age of Age-Gating

The Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023 is a benchmark in itself. It represents a vision for creating a more responsible digital landscape in India. Age gating as emphasized by the Act and it's not just a matter of ticking boxes but rather means safeguarding our future.

It is imperative for businesses to step up, embrace age gating measures and actively contribute to this revolution. Thankfully pioneers like Perfios are leading the way.

Now you might be wondering what my perspective on age gating is. Well I believe it is here to stay and long overdue. However I am curious about your thoughts on this matter.

Feel free to drop me a line so we can have a conversation. As for me, I'm excited to delve into this digital realm and see what new discoveries await me there.

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