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  • 3rd July 2024
    Switching from manual signatures to eSignatures isn’t just a trend—it’s a game-changer, especially in India. Did you know that eSign can reduce document turnaround times by up to 80%? Plus, it saves businesses 85% on document handling costs and cuts shipping costs by 80%. These stats highlight the efficiency and cost benefits of eSign. From enhancing security and legal compliance to reducing errors and promoting sustainability, eSign is revolutionizing how we handle documents. Whether you are a large enterprise or a MSME, understanding the shift to eSign can empower your business to stay competitive and efficient in today’s digital world.
  • 26th June 2024
    Remember the sinking feeling you get when applying for a loan? The endless paperwork, the frustration of hunting down bank statements, and the worry of entering the same information repeatedly across different platforms? For entrepreneur Shreya, this was a familiar ordeal. Having bootstrapped a thriving bakery business from her home kitchen, Shreya dreamt of expanding. A loan for a storefront would be the key, but the traditional loan application process loomed like a giant obstacle course. Days were spent gathering documents, nights were filled with anxious form-filling and the fear of a single missed detail causing rejection gnawed at her.
  • 19th June 2024
    The ability to grasp and cater to customer preferences and satisfaction levels is essential for survival In the fiercely competitive landscape of financial institutions (FIs). Nowhere is this more evident than in the domain of loan onboarding journeys. In today's market, customers are inundated with many options, each promising competitive rates, attractive terms, and a seamless experience. Amid this sea of choices, distinguishing one bank or FI from another becomes a formidable task for consumers.
  • 10th June 2024
    Ever wondered what the future of finance holds? Imagine a world where every transaction feels simple, convenient & secure. That's the promise of embedded finance, where financial services seamlessly blend into everyday transactions, reshaping how we manage money. In India, this exciting field is growing rapidly, with predictions suggesting a massive jump from $4.8 billion in 2022 to a whopping $21.12 billion by 2029.
  • 7th June 2024
    In the landscape of finance, India emerges as a frontrunner in the global arena spearheading a transformative wave known as Embedded Finance. This paradigm shift represents a pivotal moment seamlessly integrating financial services into the fabric of everyday life. As the digital economy burgeons and encompasses a staggering 1.3 billion individuals, India stands at the nexus of innovation poised to revolutionize the financial sector.
  • 3rd June 2024
    Digital signatures are rapidly transforming the way businesses operate in India, driven by a significant surge in digital adoption and government initiatives. In 2023, the digital signature market in India was valued at INR 18.6 billion (approximately USD 233 million) and is projected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 27.5% by 2026. This growth is fueled by the increasing need for secure and efficient authentication procedures, particularly in sectors such as financial services, e-governance, and legal documentation.
  • 21st May 2024
    In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, the concept of embedded finance is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with financial services. No longer confined to traditional banking channels, embedded finance promises seamless integration into everyday business activities. This blog is your roadmap to understanding the implications of embedded finance for your business. We'll explore its transformative potential and how it's reshaping the fintech industry, providing insights into the opportunities and challenges it presents. Get ready to navigate the future of finance and unlock new possibilities for your business with embedded finance.
  • 6th May 2024
    Navigating health insurance & healthcare claims analytics can be a daunting task, with complicated products, pricing and distribution turning away potential customers. While it is more expensive than life insurance, it is also poorly understood with non-covered items, pre-existing conditions for healthcare fraud detection, exclusions and riders.
  • 29th April 2024
    Hey there! It's just another day in the life of an HR in one of India's booming SaaS fintech firms. You'd think working in a high-tech environment, we'd have all our processes down to a fine art, right? Well, let me tell you, the path from receiving a candidate's application to their first day on the job is anything but smooth. It is more like playing paintball with a blindfold on.
  • 12th April 2024
    In India's rapidly growing FinTech arena where many companies vie for market share, the quest for speed and adaptability is akin to a high-stakes race. The ability to swiftly deliver innovative financial solutions while staying agile in the face of fierce competition is the golden ticket to success. However, achieving this balance is no easy feat, particularly in an industry that thrives on its ability to pivot rapidly.
  • 18th March 2024
    In the rapidly evolving digital economy, smooth access to credit is essential for business success. Perfios Credit Gateway (PCG) stands out as a powerful solution that connects lenders with digital platforms, transforming the lending process. Let's explore how PCG operates and the innovative features it offers.
  • 14th March 2024
    In the ever-evolving landscape of lending, the customer onboarding journey is undergoing a profound transformation. As financial institutions navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, risk management, and customer expectations, the imperative for innovation has never been more pressing. At the heart of this evolution lies the concept of digital transformation—by leveraging digital validations and API-first stacks, institutions can minimize errors and expedite the onboarding journey with ease.
  • 12th March 2024
    In the fast-paced world of finance, where every second counts and accuracy is non-negotiable, imagine a solution that simplifies the complex process of loan management and empowers banking professionals to serve their clients with unprecedented efficiency. Enter Unified Branch Assist (UBA), a revolutionary platform designed to streamline banking operations and enhance the borrower experience.
  • 11th March 2024
    Know Your Customer (KYC) has become an essential business practice. KYC regulations aim to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes by establishing and verifying the identity of customers. Traditionally, KYC involved physically verifying documents and conducting face-to-face interactions, which could be time-consuming, inconvenient for customers, and prone to human error.
  • 7th March 2024
    In our rapidly evolving digital era, embedded finance stands out as a transformative force, reshaping the integration of financial services across a multitude of industries. From e-commerce and retail to ride-sharing, travel, and healthcare, embedded finance permeates diverse sectors, elevating user experiences and unlocking fresh avenues for businesses.
  • 6th March 2024
    In the landscape of modern e-commerce, marketplaces and digital platforms have become the cornerstone of economic growth, facilitating seamless transactions and fostering connections between businesses and consumers. However, integrating credit options into their ecosystems can pose a significant challenge, often involving complex processes and cumbersome integrations. Perfios Credit Gateway (PCG) emerges as a revolutionary solution, empowering marketplaces and platforms with a plug-and-play approach to effortlessly integrate lending functionalities within their existing infrastructure.
  • 28th February 2024
    Did you know that in a recent study, 72% of employers caught criminal records on job applicants? And get this, 19% actually had to fire someone because of what they found in background checks. Nowadays, background checks aren’t just for the big players in HR – they're essential for anyone looking to hire genuine talent and keep their company safe. But with so many options out there, it can be a bit much, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We've put together a list of popular background verification check (BGV) tools, complete with their key features, to make your decision easier. Let’s dive in.
  • 23rd February 2024
    The global e-KYC market, a component of this broader ecosystem, has demonstrated remarkable growth, with its size reaching USD 673.2 million in 2023. This market is projected to expand at an impressive CAGR of 19.71%, aiming for a valuation of USD 3,398.5 million by 2032. Such growth is driven by the increasing need to combat identity-related frauds and the surge in digital payment methods, alongside stringent governmental regulations aimed at preventing financial crimes. Furthermore, the integration of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing is providing lucrative opportunities for market participants.
  • 16th February 2024
    In today's digital era, the menace of ID tampering and fraud has escalated, posing a significant threat to global economic stability and personal security. A 2023 report from the Global Identity and Fraud Report by Experian highlighted a stark reality: nearly two-thirds of businesses worldwide experienced the same or more fraud losses compared to the previous year, with identity theft being a critical component. Furthermore, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States received over 1.4 million reports of identity theft in 2022 alone, underscoring the pervasive nature of this issue.
  • 13th February 2024
    In the wake of the global pandemic, the banking landscape has undergone a transformation which is driven by shifting customer preferences and the imperative to adapt to a rapidly digitizing world. As the demand for personalized, secure, and digital solutions continues to rise, traditional banks are faced with the pressing need to realign their operations to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Now more than ever, the onboarding process stands as a pivotal juncture in the lending journey, holding the key to forging lasting relationships with customers and ensuring the trust and confidence of lenders from the outset.
  • 6th February 2024
    Identity verification stands as a cornerstone of secure and efficient onboarding processes, especially in sectors like banking, fintech, and government services. At the forefront of this revolution in India is the Aadhaar Verification API, a tool leveraging the unique 12-digit Aadhaar number linked to an individual's biometric data. This API has become increasingly pivotal in streamlining identity verification, ensuring both accuracy and speed.
  • 19th January 2024
    In the intricate landscape of business compliance, 206B stands out as a pivotal regulation, especially concerning data privacy. As we navigate through 2023, the urgency for businesses to adapt to global data protection and privacy laws is more pronounced than ever. A staggering 9% of businesses report the need to adjust their compliance strategies to meet these evolving standards. Moreover, with the introduction of new laws in the US, 2024 is poised to witness a substantial increase in states enforcing data privacy regulations, marking a significant shift in the compliance panorama.
  • 18th January 2024
    Personal finance management, much like steering a ship through turbulent waters, comes with its own set of challenges. In a world where financial landscapes are constantly evolving; individuals grapple with various pain points that can make the journey towards financial stability and success a daunting task. Businesses and individuals alike, struggle to manage multiple financial assets simultaneously.
  • 16th January 2024
    Picture a financial institution handling credit lending on the brink of a pivotal transformation. An administrator stands at the epicenter, tasked with configuring intricate systems to ensure a seamless user experience. This is where Unified Branch Assist steps in as a game-changer, transcending generic solutions. It transforms complex configurations by leveraging user-friendly interfaces and efficient processes, laying the foundation for a revolutionary onboarding experience.
  • 11th January 2024
    In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, the need for efficient and secure PAN (Permanent Account Number) verification cannot be overstated. With PAN being a cornerstone of financial transactions, its verification is essential for tax compliance, investments, and various financial dealings. In recent years, India has witnessed a groundbreaking transformation in this arena through the adoption of Aadhaar e-KYC (Know Your Customer) for PAN verification.
  • 8th January 2024
    The BFSI sector is undergoing a seismic shift, where customers demand the same level of sophistication, attention, and personalization from their banks as they experience in other industries. They are even willing to share their data (86%) to personalize their banking experience.
  • 3rd January 2024
    A crucial aspect of today's hiring environment—particularly in India—is knowing who you're bringing on board. Employers like us need to exercise extra caution because people do lie on their resumes occasionally. That is the role that background verification companies, or BGCs, play. Ensuring that the candidates we hire are sincere, reliable, and have a spotless record, consider them the protectors of honesty in the hiring world. Digital platforms have an accuracy rate of 98%, compared to 85% for traditional methods. It's more important than ever to know who you're hiring, so in this blog, we'll explore the top 10 background verification providers in India.
  • 2nd January 2024
    FinTech companies in India are greatly helping the under-served society with their services and are also performing well for India being the most potent market in the world! Slightly over 50% of the Indian populace is now an internet user!
  • 29th December 2023
    The verification of Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) has become crucial for businesses, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies in India's rapidly changing and fast-paced financial landscape. The need for effective and safe PAN verification API providers is greater than ever as we negotiate the complexities of the digital age.
  • 28th December 2023
    Introducing InteGREAT-Unified Branch Assist, a SaaS-based platform designed to revolutionize the onboarding and due diligence processes for Banks, NBFCs, and Fintechs. UBA empowers institutions to seamlessly automate their onboarding and underwriting tasks all within a single platform. This innovative platform ensures a swift, efficient, and accurate completion of Digital Due Diligence, offering a comprehensive suite of features that include targeted lead capture, out-of-the-box API integrations, verification measures, KYC, document aggregation and analysis, and more...
  • 27th December 2023
    In the wake of the COVID-19-induced lockdowns, the surge in digital payment methods has undeniably transformed the financial landscape, providing unparalleled convenience to consumers. However, amidst the adoption of digital transactions, a darker reality has emerged – a playground for fraudsters seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and deceive unsuspecting customers.
  • 26th December 2023
    Form filling is one of the biggest contributors to customer abandonment during the application and onboarding journeys for financial products. Surveys estimate that 81% of leads that encounter a form abandon it and 67% never return to the form filling journey. Perfios acknowledges this problem to our customers’ lead generation and user experience, and addresses the problem for them through our Automated Form Fill solution. This solution enables single-input, single-click onboarding for our customers and ensures 100% accurate data aggregation and extraction for MSME business and management details.
  • 21st December 2023
    As the workforce in India welcomes Gen Z and the rising Gen Alpha, a notable transformation in consumer behavior and consumption trends is evident. Gen Z marked the beginning of a generation in India unfamiliar with the artificial scarcities prevalent in the pre-liberalization era. On the other hand, Gen Alpha represents the inaugural cohort of Indians who have never experienced a world devoid of the internet, smartphones, apps and e-commerce.
  • 20th December 2023
    As we navigate through 2023, India's cybersecurity landscape presents a complex tapestry of challenges and advancements. The country has witnessed a series of significant cyber incidents, including major data breaches in government sectors and the exploitation of emerging technologies by cybercriminals. A notable event was the breach of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's Health Management Information System, which put sensitive data across the nation's hospitals at risk​​.
  • 18th December 2023
    If you have spent any amount of time working in the financial services sector, you have probably been intimately acquainted with long forms for practically every single business process, from sales to onboarding to settlement. But forms are a massive source of friction for employees and customers alike. The former have to spend time deciphering and processing the data in the forms and the customers have to spend precious minutes to hours filling them up. Yet, forms have long been accepted as a necessary evil by both counterparties. This blog dives into technology that eliminates forms completely, doing away with manual touchpoints in the customer onboarding journey.
  • 15th December 2023
    The October-December quarter of FY 2022-23 witnessed a remarkable surge in Aadhaar Verification API transactions, totaling more than 84.8 crore, marking an 18.53% growth over the preceding quarter. This uptrend continued, with December alone accounting for 32.49 crore e-KYC transactions—a significant leap from the previous month​​.
  • 12th December 2023
    The Aadhaar system, with over 1.3 billion registered users, plays a pivotal role in India's financial infrastructure, particularly in verification for financial institutions. Aadhaar verification offers a myriad of benefits, including time and cost efficiencies, enhanced accuracy in identity verification, and significant contributions to financial inclusion, especially in rural areas. 85% of Indian consumers prefer using Aadhaar verification over traditional methods, underscoring its widespread acceptance and reliability​​.
  • 7th December 2023
    Think of it like a bouncer at a club who checks IDs to make sure that everyone is of age. In the digital world, age verification ensures that young users are not exposed to content or services that are inappropriate for them. When it comes to data protection the journey can be both enlightening and confusing. Some aspects are clear while others remain a bit fuzzy. However overall the digital landscape remains consistent.
  • 5th December 2023
    Aadhaar, India's biometric ID system, stands as a cornerstone of technological innovation in an era where digital identity is paramount. In March 2023 alone, Aadhaar holders executed an astonishing 2.31 billion authentication transactions, a testament to the system's widespread acceptance and integral role in India's burgeoning digital economy.
  • 4th December 2023
    Every business that serves and collaborates with other businesses at any point in time benefits from comprehensive business intelligence regarding their financial and legal status before and during their business relationship. The biggest hindrance to completing these activities today is the scattering of entity data across multiple sources and its disorganized, non-standardized nature, which makes it difficult to analyze this data efficiently for decisioning.
  • 30th November 2023
    In the rapidly evolving landscape of the financial industry, the significance of robust and efficient bank account verification cannot be overstated. This critical process forms the cornerstone of financial security and integrity, ensuring that transactions and financial activities are conducted with authenticated parties. In India, a market characterized by a burgeoning digital economy and a vast population engaging in online financial activities, the role of bank account verification takes on an even greater significance.
  • 29th November 2023
    As experts deeply entrenched in the heart of India's burgeoning Fintech industry, we are thrilled to unveil the transformative power of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and the recent launch of its revolutionary B2B network. Let’s talk about how ONDC’s B2B networks are gearing up to change the B2B sector in India!
  • 27th November 2023
    KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’. It is a mandatory process of authenticating the identity of your customers, business partners, stakeholders and employees prior to engaging in business relationships with them. The procedure for KYC may be defined by various international, national and state level legislations. The objective of KYC mandates is to prevent financial institutions from funding or otherwise being used by criminal organizations and individuals for money laundering and other crimes.
  • 24th November 2023
    A medical claim is a bill submitted by a patient or a patient’s healthcare provider to their insurer. This bill contains detailed information regarding the treatment received by the patient including, Insurers use the claim to assess its legitimacy and the payout that the patient or healthcare provider is entitled to.
  • 23rd November 2023
    In the bustling heart of Visakhapatnam, Sanjeev, a 36-year-old local kirana store owner, dreamt of expanding his business beyond the neighborhood streets. The challenges were immense – high commission fees and limited reach. Enter the dawn of a new hope on 31st December 2022- ONDC, the game-changer that transformed Sanjeev's world!
  • 22nd November 2023
    As we delve into the intricate fabric of India's financial landscape, it's paramount to recognize the pivotal role that legal frameworks play in the securities issuance process. These frameworks are not merely regulatory hoops to jump through; they are the bulwarks against fraud, manipulation, and insider trading—guardians of market integrity​​.
  • 21st November 2023
    When we talk about Financial Data Analysis, we're essentially delving into the heart of Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). It's all about taking a deep dive into financial data, sifting through numbers, and patterns. What emerges from this deep dive is a comprehensive picture of where an organization stands financially. And with this clarity, businesses can make decisions that aren't just informed but transformative for their overall performance.
  • 20th November 2023
    Globally, financial institutions are embracing a new era of digitisation, with their digital transformation spending set to reach $3.4 trillion by 2026. Having realized the limitations of their operationally inefficient legacy systems that offer limited scalability, these organizations are adopting new digital tools to better respond to the evolving landscape and run more agile operations—document digitisation software is one such tool.
  • 17th November 2023
    At the Global Fintech Fest 2023, jointly organized by the NPCI and a number of other government bodies, IRDAI Chairman Debashish Panda said that the time for ‘Insurance 2.0’ has arrived and the insurance sector in India must evolve and reinvent itself.
  • 6th November 2023
    Ever paused to think about it? Every time I've delved into the financial realm, it's been a maze of complexities. Traditional banking, with its endless paperwork and tedious processes, especially for the small suppliers—the unsung heroes of our economy. But, you know, the usual finance world.
  • 3rd November 2023
    A recent study by Genesys looked into how banks approach customer experiences. It revealed that leaders that focus on personalization, innovation, and building trust, have an edge over competitors. For instance, they excel in tailoring products and services to meet their customers' real-time needs and life stages, far better than their competitors (38% compared to 26%).
  • 2nd November 2023
    In the heart of India's bustling economy, the MSME sector faced a formidable challenge – a challenge that threatened the very essence of entrepreneurship and financial stability. The stark reality of 85% of the MSME lending being underserved, coupled with an astounding credit gap of 17 trillion rupees, has been a constant reminder of the limitations of our current lending landscape.
  • 30th October 2023
    Mobile banking apps are becoming increasingly popular, with 60% of users preferring them over websites. A notable 90% utilize these apps to check account balances, while 97% of millennials and 89% of other consumers rely on them for their banking needs. Their 24/7 accessibility, ease of use, and robust security measures contribute to this growing preference, facilitating a variety of financial tasks right at the users' fingertips​.
  • 26th October 2023
    Picture this: you're scrolling through your Netflix, Prime, or Disney+ accounts, and there it is - the 'because you watched' section! Most people will agree that the suggestions are in-line with their viewing preferences and very tempting to click! Ever wondered how those spot-on recommendations magically appear? It's the power of recommendation engines which provides contextualized and personalized viewing suggestions.
  • 25th October 2023
    From the bustling lanes of Mumbai to the tranquil locales of Kerala, insurance has woven itself into the financial tapestry of many families. The insurance penetration in India has notably risen from 2.7% in 2000 to 4.2% in 2021, primarily driven by the pandemic which heightened awareness and the demand for protection, especially health insurance​. As of 2023, the insurance market continues to rebound post-pandemic, with general and life insurance markets growing at 16% and 18% respectively compared to the previous year.
  • 19th October 2023
    In the dynamic landscape of Indian finance, a groundbreaking solution emerged in January 2020, altering the very fabric of the nation's credit scene. Nandan Nilekani's unveiling of the Open Credit Enablement System (OCEN) marked a pivotal moment, addressing India's substantial 250 billion dollar credit gap. Developed by iSpirit, India's non-profit software think tank, OCEN stands as a beacon of financial inclusivity, a beacon that holds the promise of democratizing the flow of credit to both Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and individuals alike.
  • 18th October 2023
    In the realm of financial markets, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) stands as a pivotal regulator ensuring the smooth functioning and integrity of the securities market. Established in 1992, SEBI's primary objective is to protect the interests of investors in securities, promote the development of, and regulate the securities market to foster a climate of trust and compliance.
  • 17th October 2023
    Perfios Agent Verification API enables comprehensive onboarding and verification solutions for business customers, employees and partners. Boots on the ground is still the most effective channel for insurance sales, despite the incursion of direct sales into the brick and mortar ecosystem. Insurance is a product that provides no tangible product or service to the customer other than the assurance of payout in the event of some condition being fulfilled.
  • 13th October 2023
    In India's financial landscape, a significant challenge persists: a staggering $530 billion credit gap for MSMEs, with just 14% having access to formal credit. India’s traditional credit system may possess lending potential but struggle with outreach. Traditional lenders follow complex, costly processes with high-interest rates and credit score reliance. Moreover, many small businesses operate on cash purchases but extend credit to customers, exacerbating the need for timely small loans which are hard to avail with traditional credit disbursement.
  • 13th October 2023
    For many reasons, legacy institutions are slow to upgrade their lead generation methods and are far behind in meeting the requirements of the changing business landscape and customer profiles. Many perceive their existing systems as adequate or feel tied down by the complexities of integrating a new platform and training employees in its usage. This view is short-sighted since legacy systems can quietly reduce sales efficiency and marketing
  • 10th October 2023
    Amit Kelkar, the regional sales head of a frontline insurance company in India, has long been battling with factors well beyond his control. For the past several quarters, his region has come up top in the tally of insurance fraud cases, severely hitting the business bottom line. Moreover, poor customer experience due to inaccurate entry of KYC data and long verification processes has led Amit to bleed revenue as operational costs inflated consistently.
  • 9th October 2023
    In today's financial landscape, where access to credit can be a game-changer, a revolutionary network is quietly transforming the lending industry. It's called OCEN, short for Open Credit Enablement Network. Imagine this scenario: a 1000 crore worth of loans to be disbursed to 20,000 customers, each seeking an average loan size of 5 lakhs. The cost of acquiring these customers can skyrocket, leading to high interest rates and processing fees for borrowers. But here's where OCEN steps in, simplifying the lending process and lowering the barriers for both lenders and borrowers.
  • 6th October 2023
    Within the dynamic realm of Indian finance, a profound transformation is unfolding, poised to redefine the very foundations of the credit landscape. This transformation is embodied by the Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN), an innovative API framework designed to reshape credit access across the spectrum of businesses. Let’s not forget the vast chasm of India's credit gap—a challenge that demands collaborative efforts from the public and private sectors. OCEN stands at the precipice of this challenge, aiming to remove the credit gap and enable the flow of affordable credit to those who need it the most - India’s small businesses & individuals who can power their aspirations.
  • 4th October 2023
    Over the past couple of decades credit cards, EMI cards, eNACH and to a certain extent EMI-on-debit cards have tried to become the go-to instrument for “Credit at the point of consumption”. Though almost all of them have failed to realize this expectation. EMI cards did really well, but they faced the same limitation as the credit card or EMI-on-debit card did i.e. lack of acceptance by merchants, lack of awareness and the general mistrust in credit.
  • 4th October 2023
    Laxmi's shanty shop, selling authentic Maharashtrian snacks and chai outside the main gate of Dadar railway station, is hard to distinguish from the crowd. However, what sets its owner apart is her ability to dream big and her entrepreneurial spirit! As the nation battled a contagion when COVID-19 hit, many daily wage earners were rendered jobless. Despite her adversities, Laxmi refused to lose hope even as her employers did and stayed true to her testament of resilience.
  • 28th September 2023
    Picture this: A local pest control company, " Navi Bugs Control," was celebrating its second year in the business. As they looked over their finances, a stark reality hit them: while their services were in demand, their bank account told a different story. Despite sending out numerous invoices, they were struggling to get paid. The managing director, Jane, mentioned in a recent interview, "By the time we hit 74 days of accounts receivable, it felt like we were chasing ghosts. We had the demand, the team, and the services, but our cash flow was an impending nightmare."
  • 26th September 2023
    Explore the recently passed Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023. Introduced in Lok Sabha on August 3, 2023, by the Minister of Electronics & Information Technology, it gained approval from both Lok Sabha on August 7, 2023, and Rajya Sabha on August 9, 2023, followed by Presidential assent on August 11, 2023.
  • 25th September 2023
    Ever wondered how a local farmer, miles away from the nearest bank, can effortlessly open an account without ever setting foot in a branch? Or how a small business in a distant village manages its finances without an internet connection? The magic behind these scenarios is the innovative use of no-code and low-code applications. With Perfios onboarding APIs, the world of digital banking and financial inclusivity is expanded, reaching every corner of our nation. But before diving deep into these transformative tools, let's understand their foundational principles and how they're reshaping our digital landscape. Join us on this enlightening journey.
  • 22nd September 2023
    Picture this: you've just sat down with a cup of tea, browsing your favourite online store, when a pop-up suggests an item that feels as though it was handpicked just for you. It's not magic; it's hyper-personalisation at play. Now, let's throw in some surprising figures. A recent Evergage study, a wing of Salesforce, disclosed a staggering 86% of companies reporting a measurable surge in business outcomes due to hyper-personalisation. Moreover, according to a Deloitte report, a whopping 90% of consumers find such personalised marketing not only appealing but almost irresistible. And it doesn’t stop there. Reflect on this – a 2021 McKinsey report divulged that 78% of consumers admitted that personalised content nudged them closer to revisiting a brand.
  • 21st September 2023
    Imagine being an investor, placing your faith and money into a startup that promises excellent returns. You diligently monitor monthly statements, trusting the reports and the team's integrity. But then, a revelation: discrepancies in revenue and financial misreporting. A scenario which many thought was far-fetched became a shocking reality with the confession by the co-founder of TargetOne Innovation Private Limited, parent company to GoMechanic, valued at a whopping $285 million last year.
  • 20th September 2023
    Ever tried digging into the legal history of a property you're eyeing, only to find yourself lost in a sea of jargon and endless paperwork? You're not alone. A study by Bengaluru-based Daksh uncovered that a staggering two-thirds of all civil cases in the country are tied up with land and property disputes. It's a dizzying labyrinth out there, and it’s evident we need a better map.
  • 19th September 2023
    Recent headlines reveal an unsettling trend: Individuals are increasingly slipping through checks with falsified backgrounds. An alarming statistic from the Q1 '21 Trends Report by First Advantage India underlines this, highlighting a 49.7% rise in discrepancies within the telecom sector alone. These gaps in verification pose serious concerns for businesses and individuals alike.
  • 14th September 2023
    The Indian health insurance industry has been experiencing stellar growth fueled by pandemic-driven demand shifts, the availability of digital products, and increasing disposable incomes. Indeed, according to Avendus Capital’s study, India’s retail health insurance market will be worth $25 billion in five years, catering to 250 million individuals.
  • 11th September 2023
    In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the highly underpenetrated health insurance industry has reported stellar growth of 23% in 2022-23, according to the RBI’s latest Financial Stability Report. And yet, only 35% of the non-life players have posted underwriting profits in FY19-FY22.
  • 25th August 2023
    Do you know people in your friends and family who have unclaimed insurance policies? ET Wealth estimates that more than Rs 82,000 crore of investor wealth is lying unclaimed in forgotten and lost investments. Did you know that you or your loved ones might be missing out on some much-needed benefits? Don't fret! We've got all the answers you need.
  • 21st August 2023
    Picture this: Ms. Patel decides to claim insurance for medical treatment she has received recently. But to her dismay the insurer is unable to process the health claim due to an error in bank details, consequently, forcing Ms. Patel to meet the expenses out of pocket until the issue is resolved. This example brings forth the importance of bank account verification (BAV).
  • 4th August 2023
    In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, staying ahead of the curve demands intense innovations, agile adaptability, and perfect precision. So, imagine a dynamic tool that empowers your organization to swiftly respond to changing market trends, enforce regulations effortlessly, and optimize decision-making with unparalleled efficiency.
  • 2nd August 2023
    In today's tech-driven world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with the customers. Banking and NBFC sectors, in particular, face unique challenges in customer interaction due to geographical constraints. This results in delayed processes and clinical experiences coupled with traditional methods like face-to-face meetings and phone calls.
  • 18th July 2023
    Several years back, the Digitalization wave reached Indian soars with a resounding impact, redefining systems, and processes across industries and business lines. Under its influence, among many remarkable outcomes, vast piles of paper disappeared from the institutional work benches across the nation at a breakneck speed, replaced by digitized workflows. But has this pace been matched by an equally fluid shift in the customer psyche?
  • 20th June 2023
    Your life is much better with a good credit score, as this 3-digit number affects almost every aspect of your life! Getting loans of higher amounts for longer tenure with lesser interest rates, premium credit cards offering better rewards and credit utilization limits, and better deals in other financial products- all are easier to avail with a better credit score. A good credit score comes especially useful in case of an unforeseen financial emergency.
  • 8th June 2023
    In the world of finances, risk management refers to the process of identifying, analyzing, and mitigating the uncertainties associated with lending projects. Every lending investment involves some degree of risk and it would not be an exaggeration to say that risk is inseparable from returns.
  • 9th May 2023
    The financial industry has undergone significant changes over the years, with new technologies and innovations continuously emerging. One such innovation is account aggregators, which are revolutionizing the way we manage our finances. Account aggregators are digital platforms, and part of the India Stack along with UPI, Aadhaar etc, that allow users to consolidate their financial data from multiple banking & investment accounts in one place. This has resulted in consumers benefitting from significant ease & security and financial service providers benefitting by being able to offer innovative services. Let's take a closer look at how account aggregators are changing the financial industry.
  • 4th May 2023
    In the previous article, we have introduced and discussed an opencv based solution to solve the Table Identification task. We have also discussed a few limitations that the rule based structure recognition methods have. We also gave some post-credits on using Graph Neural Networks for overcoming these limitations. To recall, let’s revisit the challenges before diving into the solution.
  • 26th April 2023
    In today's fast-paced world, Banks and other financial institutions are constantly striving to find new ways to simplify and automate their credit underwriting process to bring in significant benefits, both in terms of efficiency and accuracy. Today, close to about 40% of the loan life cycle in spent in manually underwriting an SME loan application. However, frequent changes to credit policies due to regulatory compliance, rapidly varying bank’s risk appetite, competitive landscape, and other external factors, coupled with the need to manage risk exposure, can make this a daunting task.
  • 20th April 2023
    Two friends Mr. Aditya and Ms. Sheela had always dreamt of starting their own businesses and when the right opportunity knocked both started working towards it.
  • 11th April 2023
    Meet Prachi, a loan credit manager at a lending institution in India. Prachi has been working in the banking industry for over a decade, and she has seen first-hand how tedious and time-consuming the manual loan processing system can be. She starts her day by checking her inbox, which is flooded with loan applications that need to be processed. Each application is accompanied by a bundle of documents, which Prachi must manually verify and validate before approving the loan. The documents include identity proof, address proof, income proof, bank statements, and business plans, among others.
  • 24th March 2023
    In today's connected environment, customer expectations have reached an all-time high. To remain competitive, businesses need to do more than just meet customer needs. The way a business interacts with its customers can significantly impact their perception of the brand, regardless of whether they make a purchase or not.
  • 17th March 2023
    In the digital era, the financial world deals with portable documents in the form of scanned images, pdfs which are digitized to extract the relevant transaction details and then processed for different use cases.
  • 3rd March 2023
    Perfios has come up with a novel solution Asset Drishti for RIAs to better leverage the account aggregator (AA) ecosystem.
  • 23rd February 2023
    Perfios Software Solutions was recently awarded as the 'Best Lending Tech Initiative of the Year' by the Economic Times at the ETBFSI Excellence Awards. The awards were held on 17th February 2023 at Sofitel hotel, Mumbai to recognize organizations which have demonstrated uniqueness, impact and innovation in the BFSI sector.
  • 16th February 2023
    Gone are the days when documentation used to mean piling up heaps of paper in the corner of an office. Along with the digital wave came the paper-less tide. Every enterprise today is making the shift towards becoming tech savvy and digital. While this transition is on the way, there’s still an enormous quantum of documents that are vital to the companies and are yet in the paper format. Manual data entry silos continue to exist in a state of not being entirely accurate, efficient or cost & time effective.
  • 11th February 2023
    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a technology that enables you to create a secure connection over the internet from your device to a server managed by a VPN provider. The connection encrypts your internet traffic and helps protect your online privacy and security by hiding your IP address and making your online activities less traceable.VPNs are commonly used to access blocked websites, protect personal data, and enhance online security.
  • 18th January 2023
    India’s largest SaaS-based B2B fintech software company Perfios Software Solutions was named “Best Fintech in Value Added Services” at the BT-KPMG Best Banks & Fintech Awards. The award was received by Mr. Debasish Chakraborty, Co-founder and CTO of Perfios from honourable minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, eminent banker Mr. K V Kamath, and India Today Group Chairman and Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Aroon Purie.
  • 23rd December 2022
    OCEN (Open Credit Enablement Network) is a decentralized credit network that aims to provide a platform for connecting credit providers and borrowers in a transparent and secure manner. With OCEN, borrowers can access a range of credit products from different lenders, and lenders can offer their products to a wider pool of borrowers. The goal of OCEN is to create a more efficient and accessible credit market that is free from intermediaries and barriers to entry.
  • 23rd September 2022
    Amidst global slowdown of economy, constant push for accelerated digitization and keeping up with regulatory ups and down, the Global FinTech Fest held last week in Mumbai was a much-needed platform for FinTechs and Regulators to gather at a single forum to display how vital the role of FinTech is for a strong growth trajectory of the Indian financial landscape
  • 5th April 2022
    Back in the day, Perfios was the first to introduce a cloud-hosted, completely automated finance management solution in the Indian market. We then followed it up by building our data platform, capable of generating customized reports using our home-brewed ML techniques. Today, we are a solutions provider of 75+ products specially designed for the BFSI sector in 18 countries globally. While the fourteen-year journey looks like a dream today, trust us when we say it has been anything but so.
  • 23rd March 2022
    In the digital era, most processes are supercharged and are completed in a fraction of what they used to take earlier. Loan processing is one such process where financial institutions have significantly cut down the turnaround time, enabling their customers to have faster access to credit.
  • 8th February 2022
    So far, this series of blogs has taken the reader into a close at hand inspection of one of the contemporary debates in the alleys of the Indian economy: The Account Aggregator (AA) Framework and its implications for financial services growth in the country. Undoubtedly, amidst an industry landscape that is being progressively Digitalized, the democratization of customer financial data reveals unprecedented opportunities for Financial Institutions (FIs). They stand to reap the most of it through a deliberate choice of a partner for the AA-enabled solutions.
  • 7th February 2022
    As an idea and a technology concept, Account Aggregator (AA) responds to the demands of a digital economy, necessitating the democratization of data for expanding financial services access. With its gradual mainstreaming into the Indian banking parlance, our previous blog post took a deep dive into its origin and the benefits that BFSI institutions stand to reap by being onboard the AA ecosystem. Nevertheless, while the conservatives stand to miss the first-mover advantage to innovate on a platform, that is, by law, the way forward, gaining AA awareness is only winning half the battle! What characterizes an excellent AA solution, and how are the benchmarks defined for a successful implementation for those willing to transform?
  • 1st February 2022
    Business transformation exists at the intersection of enriched customer experience and greater operational control. Nevertheless, while Digital, the motive force behind transition in the 21st century, has made noticeable inroads into the Indian BFSI landscape, significant challenges still persist on both sides of the banking desk. But in the New India that is surging ahead, is it fanciful to imagine a reality where data is democratized, trust is distributed, and the need for confidentiality does not necessarily stymie financial services growth? With the rollout of the Account Aggregator (AA) Framework well underway, such a future might be much nearer than we think!
  • 15th December 2021
    The COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated an otherwise slow digital adoption within the banking segment. With changing customer expectations and the growing aspiration for personalized services combined with the rise in FinTechs, banks have identified a ‘digital-first’ plan that will help them reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency and mitigate operational risks.
  • 10th December 2021
    The Pandemic has forced a significant transformation in the banking industry - dependence on digital infrastructure and assets. The shifting consumer behavior, the need for personalized solutions, and the drive to provide operational excellence have led to this alteration. Despite the push for digital excellence, a lot of banking operations still rely on manual methods. There is an underlying need to automate these processes, not just for speed and productivity but also to mitigate risks and prevent fraud.
  • 10th December 2021
    The financial services sector is continuously evolving to match the customer’s growing expectations. In the penchant to offer enriching experiences to the customers, the banks have vigorously invested in ensuring seamless front-end operations. Despite the front-end operations going digital-first, many back-end activities are still dependent on legacy systems and processes. From managing credit analysis to disbursing loans and processing the payments, many procedures are done manually.
  • 2nd November 2021
    Evolution into the current human race took over a million years but income analysis of borrowers and lending process would evolve quicker! From the former times of complete paper based analysis to a digital version- we have indeed come a long way. But the most taxing, time-consuming, and indispensable task is still the evaluation of the borrower's financial statements to assess the creditworthiness of business entities. This dilemma stems from the massive amount of disjoint financial data, a lengthy process, and the shakiness of risk models. In any financial institution, banks or NBFCs, lenders need to assess both, the accounting and finance documentation to know the overall financial position of the borrower’s entity.
  • 28th October 2021
    In the highly competitive lending market, appraising the creditworthiness of borrower entities with accuracy in short periods is an absolute desideratum for success. Lending is a risk-based business, to reduce risk is essential, increasing accuracy imperative and speed is a necessity.
  • 20th October 2021
    For years, valuable institutional bandwidth has been lost in the tedious compiling, cleaning, and dissection of financial data to deliver actionable insights . Tools driven by automation, analytical tools, machine learning (ML) or deep learning (DL), when run in unison with the sheer volume of generated data, can improve data quality and optimize planning processes. In the financial services sector, with technology intertwined with every aspect of the business, CFOs are increasingly asked to reconsider using technology to optimize their finance operations.
  • 22nd September 2021
    In today's ever-changing dynamic market, the speed with accuracy has become the need of the day. With digitalization being the new norm, Perfios provides an intelligent solution to speed up processing large volumes of unstructured data, thus minimizing manual paperwork while generating a faster response to new opportunities. This solution provides its customers with improved compliance, transparency, powerful automated workflows, valuable insights and quicker turnaround times.
  • 21st September 2021
    Technology is constantly rapidly racing ahead, bringing about the invention of newer and better techniques constantly, each promising more competitive advantages to industries than the other. With the outbreak of Covid-19, tech-innovators are continually striving to upgrade the existing technologies and replace them with enhanced tools that will reduce pressure on manpower leading to cost-savings and maximized accuracy.
  • 9th September 2021
    Vivek Sharma has been an innovator at heart since his kindergarten days. A green technology evangelist and a firm believer in the climate cause, it has always been his dream to contribute meaningfully towards the Net Zero vision. So, no one was surprised when Vivek declined cushy corporate job offers in the final days of engineering and resolved to incorporate his waste-to-energy (WTE) venture to power SMEs in rural India.
  • 7th September 2021
    India's economy is at an inflection point, manifesting unmistakable signs of recovery. However, the incumbent risk assessment practices come short in sustaining a resurgence in credit access, limiting the nation's aspirations to be on a high economic growth trajectory. Dated evaluation tools struggle to accommodate the explosion of data that characterizes modern businesses and individual lifestyles, failing to paint an applicant's risk profile in totality.
  • 17th June 2021
    The financial services sector in India is perhaps one of the earliest beneficiaries of the surging digitalization wave in the country. The transformation of banking that has continued with varying tempo has received a shot in the arm with the expanding connectivity coverage, the fintech revolution, and a National resolution to drive inclusion. Today, stakeholders on both sides of the counter are exceptionally aspirational.
  • 2nd June 2021
    Digitalization has delivered the adequate impulse for the Indian Banking Story to turn a corner. The marriage of progressive digital constructs with legacy business models and services architectures has allowed financial institutions to innovate faster, explore deeper, and transform to scale with high reliability. The development has provided the means to convert revolutionary proof of concepts into sustainable revenue streams, allowing lenders to redefine their tactical and strategic postures.
  • 27th April 2021
    Once a wealthy merchant navigated the high seas going from one state to another when his boat got caught in a raging storm and capsized. The Merchant was marooned, holding onto a log of wood and trying not to drown. He was sure he would die before the night passed.
  • 19th April 2021
    Before I quit my secure, high-profile banking job to become a technology entrepreneur, I was unsure and uncertain for months. I kept pushing the decision because I wanted to feel “ready” before taking the plunge. Until one day, I concluded that I could not keep looking out for the right time. The feeling of wanting to be ready was imaginary, and time would never make me ready. Making a move would, and I had to make the move.
  • 17th April 2021
    A few of days back, I was speaking with a mentee about dealing with difficult bosses and difficult colleagues. The conversation was regressing into self-pity, the world is unfair mode, and I did not want to get pulled into anything negative.
  • 9th April 2021
    This evening I was in a conversation with a friend who was complaining about something someone had done, and I reminded him about the story of the two travelers. I have taken his permission to share the story. Some of you may have heard of it.
  • 30th March 2021
    It is a scientific truth that water becomes steam when it is heated to 100 degrees centigrade. Now imagine we put some water in a container and put it on a stove, and just as the water is heating up, we move the container from the stove. What will happen? The water will cool down naturally. However, if we continue heating the water long enough, the water transforms from a liquid state into steam as soon as the temperature hits the hundred-degree mark.
  • 10th March 2021
    An `Escrow Account` is a financial instrument in which an asset or escrow money is under the purview of a neutral third party, which is essentially a bank or a recognised lender; during the process of completion of a transaction. Being an age-old method adopted globally, the same is about efficient risk management and simplification of complex transactions for all parties.
  • 27th February 2021
    Across our personal and professional domains, we are all accountable to people with more power than we do, and they will take decisions that impact how we feel and what we do.
  • 21st February 2021
    Have you blocked chunks of time consciously in your calendar to focus on the actions, tasks that matter for you? Or are you under the impression that scheduling is not needed? That everything will happen naturally, on its own.
  • 18th February 2021
    There have been many times in the last year after I started my daily blogging where I have told myself, ”I can’t do it, I can’t write my blog today because other pressing matters are consuming my attention. I don’t have the inspiration or the time to write something meaningful and of value for my readers.”
  • 17th February 2021
    As we wrote earlier, Account Aggregation is poised to become the UPI of data by providing a scalable, interoperable and expandable data architecture. However, a world-class platform is by itself necessary but insufficient in deriving business value. Success will need you to design new products, use cases, customer experiences, as well as redesign processes which suffer from data friction.
  • 8th February 2021
    The last decade has seen the financial services sector of India undergo a transformative change. With the emergence of new-age technology solution providers or technology-driven start-ups in the financial space, established financial institutions have begun shifting from traditional legacy systems to partnership models with these technology start-ups.
  • 31st January 2021
    Take a moment and think about this question. What are the three choices we always have in our life? I picked up the answer to this question as a nugget of wisdom from a Biography, The Almanac of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgensen. Naval Ravikant is an Indian-American entrepreneur, investor, and a brilliant mind. This book captures a collection of Naval’s wisdom and experience over the years, shared as a curation of his most insightful interviews and reflections.
  • 21st January 2021
    Jealousy is an extremely toxic emotion. When I was young, I had a lot of jealousy. Though others may not have noticed it, I felt it in full force inside me. But, over the years, I have managed to tame it a lot through some aggressive mental gardening.
  • 20th January 2021
    At different times in our life, we face difficult choices that involve doing or NOT doing something. The difficulty is that the outcome of the choice we decide on will significantly impact our future life.
  • 19th January 2021
    The topic of “Compound Interest” has always fascinated mankind. Einstein is supposed to have said that “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.”
  • 7th January 2021
    Perfios Software presents a One-Stop resource center for everything you need to know about RBI’s Account Aggregator framework. The Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem is live as of 28th December, 2020. As a leading financial institution you may already be a part of this ecosystem, or evaluating your entry strategy, perhaps through a TSP (Technology Service Provider).
  • 24th December 2020
    Indian society has evolved from a savings-focused and debt-averse country to a more consumption-focused, leveraged economy. With the growth of India’s credit economy and rising number of consumers applying for credit each month, this market is paving way for some interesting trends in the credit card industry.
  • 20th December 2020
    As a tumultuous 2020 winds down heralding the new year, many go into their Christmas and year-end break, hoping to unwind and rejuvenate. Everyone must take a break from their daily routines to relax and rejuvenate.
  • 18th December 2020
    A few days back, I was in a coaching conversation with a young friend who was feeling stuck in his career. As we got chatting, something triggered a train of thoughts for him, and he said. “I just realized that I have been stuck in a web of comfort of my own making. I have been working very hard on things that are in my comfort zone and resisting anything that does not feel comfortable. It’s time I did something different.”
  • 18th December 2020
    All our stress comes from resisting the present moment- When we want the present moment to be different from what it actually is. Our car can breakdown in the middle of heavy traffic, or someone could lose a job or the business results don’t come as expected. Many situations cause discomfort or deep pain in our lives. The pain is real and cannot be avoided in those moments when something bad happens or when something is not going the right way.
  • 1st December 2020
    One of the fundamental human needs is seeking personal growth. It is human nature to try and grow across both the material and spiritual realms of our life as we age. Material and Spiritual dimensions are the guardrails of our life. They need to evolve in tandem. If not a sense of imbalance creeps into our lives.
  • 30th November 2020
    When it comes to decision making, all of us struggle with some types of difficult and complicated choices. You are a business leader, and you have been asked to execute a redundancy program, and you have to let go of 10% of your teammates. You are conflicted. “How do I decide, what is the right call to take.?”
  • 16th November 2020
    There is a distinction between Survival and Survival Thinking. Many times in our life, we encounter challenges and problems that could significantly impact our experience in that moment of crisis.
  • 14th November 2020
    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Stanford psychology professor Walter Mischel ran a fascinating social study known as the Marshmallow Experiment. In this study, a group of 32 children aged 3 to 6 years was put through a test of self-restraint. The experiment involved every kid being taken into an isolated room where a single Marshmallow was strategically kept on the table.
  • 13th November 2020
    Having an open mind towards everything that happens in our life can be very tough. Every one of us has some core beliefs and values, and we reinforce those throughout our lives by exposing ourselves to situations and people that represent similar values and beliefs.
  • 8th November 2020
    In a conversation with a friend recently, a question cropped up. “We all have some self-improvement goals like being calm or being more organized, or not telling white lies or being disciplined about personal commitments, etc. But we keep slipping every so often on these goals. How do we course correct and come back on track when we slip up?”
  • 7th November 2020
    Have you ever felt this way? You spend the day finishing many tasks, but somehow, you think nothing much has been done at the end of the day. There is a simple reason for this feeling. You were likely to be efficient instead of being effective. These two terms may sound similar, but there is a big difference between them. Efficiency is when you perform any given task, it doesn’t matter if it is important or not, in the most economical manner.
  • 2nd November 2020
    The 42nd Goods and Service Tax (GST) Council meeting was held on 5th Oct 2020 and the 43rd meeting on 12th Oct 2020, chaired by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, to discuss the GST compensation for state governments for FY21. Amidst all the speculations, the GST Council has however brought some relief to businesses intending to enhance Ease of Doing Business and improve the compliance experience.
  • 26th October 2020
    Everyone has been talking digital, something Financial Institutions wanted to do but in the foreseeable future. The pandemic changed this for everyone and brought it to the forefront. It has become the hot topic in most webinars and events today and we now accept that this change is irreversible . The flip side of jumping on the digital bandwagon is trying to get there too quickly and not recognizing the nuances that come with it.
  • 20th October 2020
    “Pramod, having a cluttered table is bad Feng Shui. It blocks the free flow of the energy within you, and it will harm your performance”. This was a comment made by an ex-colleague of mine when he saw my workspace with piles of folders, books, magazines, and other Knick-knacks. Somehow that chance comment has stayed with me.
  • 30th September 2020
    When I am in coaching conversations, things get confusing sometimes. In some situations, the course of action could be “Be proactive, go out there, push or hustle,” and in some other situations, the course of action could be “Don’t push too hard. Give your best and let things pan out.”
  • 28th September 2020
    The turmoil in global markets has impacted multiple sectors with expected losses ranging from moderate to even significant. Ravi has manufacturing units of packaging materials in 9 states in India. Ravi's organisation is one amongst many of the banks' MSME customers who run their operations from various locations in India. Having operations severely impacted in 5 states, he reached out to bank(s) seeking immediate help for the survival of his business and was faced with an uphill task of convincing a growing list of circumspect lenders of his credit-worthiness under the prevailing business climate.
  • 24th September 2020
    The Supreme court directions on NPA classification post moratorium is a new challenge before lenders, while we await the final hearing on this. How can lender decide, which borrower to extend the facility, the one’s in stress need most help, but for lender there is the highest risk – can lender make big leap of faith, rely on past performance of the borrower than the current aberrations.
  • 22nd September 2020
    All of us need Opportunities to showcase our skills, capabilities, talent. But, where do Opportunities come from? They come from People who bring opportunities in our life. Opportunities don’t fall from the sky. Even if you believe in some higher power, destiny- those higher powers deliver the opportunities to us through people.
  • 28th August 2020
    There's a new kid in the town. The buzz word that's capturing the attention of VCs and PEs. It is called Embedded Finance, deemed to be the Future of the Economy! In this quick writeup below let us see why this is real and the hype is justified especially in India, and also see what are the factors that are accelerating its growth. Also, let's take a sneak peek into some of the aids available to accelerate the growth in this sector.
  • 13th July 2020
    Depending on your LinkedIn Objective, identify what are the type of people you want to reach on LinkedIn (TG) and what are the keywords they will search to reach you.
  • 20th May 2020
    Does this picture sound familiar? I have seen it being used on several occasions to describe an MVP strategy. The picture seems perfect. I myself couldn’t have expressed such an important concept in such a simple but profound way.
  • 1st February 2020
    There is a Buddhist saying that our mind makes an excellent servant but a terrible master. To relate to this saying, we need to acknowledge a simple fact.
  • 24th December 2019
    At Perfios, we serve over 200 Indian banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, wealth managers and mutual funds. We extract, categorize, aggregate, and analyze over 2,000 types of (un-)structured data from over 400 banks and financial institutions.
  • 20th December 2019
    Over the ten years to February 2019, AUM of Mutual Funds in India have grown at a CAGR of 16% to reach INR 23.2 Trillion . An average CPI of 7% in that period , and therefore effectively negative interest rates on bank savings, prompted investors to seek relatively higher risk and higher return investment options.
  • 5th March 2019
    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are integral to the economic development of any country. They constitute the backbone of an economy providing employment and contributing significantly to the national GDP (gross domestic product).

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