• Mr. V.R Govindarajan, CEO and Co-Founder of Perfios on the discussion at CII ICONN about "The Future of Fintechs through Startups"
  • Mr. Sabyasachi Goswami, Chief Business Officer at Perfios speaking at FinTech Festival India - Mumbai Micro Experience on the 'Digital Infrastructure in Banking - what we have and what we need in a post pandemic era'
  • Perfios is proud to present the India Fintech Awards (IFTA) 2021 as their Awards Partner. Mr. Ramgopal Subramani was present a moderator at the panel discussion on "Beyond Lending: How fintech companies (especially Neobanks) will enable better financial management" at the prestigious India Fintech Awards 2021
  • Mr. Ramgopal Subramani, COO, Perfios, was present at the panel on “Lending to Millennials” at the FinTech Festival India, where he opined that since Perfios processes around 20 million transactions a month, it is noticed that while millennials have enough cash to pay, they are looking for credit and do reverse budgeting, so saying that millennials are risk-hungry is unfounded, we see it more of a change in behavior.
  • Mr. Ramgopal Subramani, COO, Perfios spoke at the CII Banking Colloquium, about the various challenges in digital lending, privacy of data and controls over it, volumes of multiple data transactions etc., and how Perfios has provided solutions to these, like an AI based lending model, Account Aggregator as a solution, the Perfios platform that enables millions of transactions every month with unfailing accuracy, flexibility and more!
  • Perfios Wins at ASSOCHAM 2021 for Excellence in Lending! Mr. V.R Govindarajan, CEO, Perfios and Mr. Ramgopal Subramani, COO, Perfios, spoke about the benefits of Fintechs launching digital lending products that ensure that small borrowers for whom data is only collateral get the same respect as large borrowers in the true sense of Financial Inclusion.
  • Business Connect Magazine, regarded not only as one of the best Business magazines in India but also as a window into the minds of businesses and their leaders, has showcased Perfios, our capabilities and products suite in their latest edition!
  • Mr. Ramgopal Subramani, COO, Perfios discussed with the eminent panelists on the readiness of FIPs and FIUs, regulatory interventions expected and a lot more at the DLAI Webianr on 'Account Aggregator - Time to Unlock Data' on September 3rd, 2021.
  • Perfios wins again! Declared as the 'Best IT Driven Innovation in Banking' at the Tech Leadership Awards. Manoj Easwaran Govindan, Sr. Director Engineering, also wins at Operational Excellence Leadership!
  • Perfios has been showcased as a 'Soonicorn' and is among the leading Fintech startups of India! Kudos to Perfios!
  • "Small borrowers whose only asset is their data should get the same respect as large borrowers during the lending and this is true Financial Inclusion!" said Mr. V.R Govindarajan on NewsX, while talking about the key role Perfios plays in Fraud Detection, Digital Lending and lowered costs, helping every stratum of the society obtain loans, during the ASSOCHAM discussion on 31-08-2021 on Financial Inclusion, the role of Govt. bodies and Financial Innovations.
  • Forbes recognizes Mr. V.R Govindarajan, Co-founder & CEO of Perfios, as a visionary leader with bold thinking who steered his company to safety with his ability to rise to the occasion, adapt and value add. You make us proud everyday!

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