Perfios updates : A must have Money Manager

1st November 2009

We already reviewed Perfios, an excellent online personal finance manager. “Perfios is for anyone who wishes to solve the problem of managing wealth distributed among various asset classes and among various institutions”.

Now Perfios has introduced following new and very helpful features.

(1) Auto-Categorization – Forging right ahead with our objective of providing high degree of automation in Personal finance management, we have introduced this functionality. Don’t worry any more about the mundane task of categorizing hundreds (if not thousands!) of transactions. Automatically fetch your transactions from your financial institutions and Perfios would apply its auto-categorization heuristics to apply categories to your transactions. Think Perfios made a mistake wrongly categorizing a transaction? No problem. Just correct those transactions and the module "learns" and subsequently will not make the same mistake again and similar transactions are marked as per the category you chose for those transactions. Simple!

(2) My Documents – No more hunting for documentary evidence associated with your transactions. Now upload scanned documents, soft copies of statements etc. Associate documents to your accounts or at a global level. If you want, you can "lock" uploaded documents by supplying a password and the documents will be encrypted and stored on our server and only YOU can view it (by providing the password to unlock). Make use of it as your own safe and secure electronic vault!

(3) Improved statement forwarding engine for faster and more accurate processing.

(4) Upload financial statements sent by your institution to automatically update your accounts. Apart from excel sheet, now you can also upload statements in PDF, HTML, ZIP and other formats too. No more painful manual entry!

(5) New institution support: We now support fetching of equity holdings from ILFS.

They have also listed following upcoming features.

(1) Perfios on the go – WAP/Mobile support to access Perfios service from practically anywhere in the world.

(2) News and Market information – We were kind of slow to start on this one but we are making amends by providing a window to the financial world where you can get top of the hour news and market updates.

(3) Group Support – Want to provide a read-only view to your spouse or your chartered accountant? This is the feature that will help you do it.

safe and secure

Perfios is Information Security Management Certified (ISO 27001) Security Seals Certified Seal Privacy Seals Business Seals ISO 27018