P2P Lending Platform

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A successful P2P Lending platform that has flexible and efficient technology at its foundation is sure to exceed borrower and lender experience expectations.

InteGREAT gives P2P lending a digital transformation. It offers an improved experience and passes on the benefits of using technology to borrowers and lenders.

When combined with other Perfios solutions, InteGREAT P2P gives in-depth borrower financial analysis to the lender, allowing lenders to make better financial decisions while funding loans and reducing the chance of lending to high risk borrowers. In-addition, it also identifies and verifies customers by performing KYC and other verifications using Perfios solutions.


  • Easy loan products and forms creation
  • Financial insights for investment decisioning
  • Multiple funding options
  • In-depth reporting
  • Risk assessment and modelling
  • Customizable modular design
  • Repayment tracking systems
  • Self-service front-end portal for borrower
  • Process enforcement and audit trails
Easy customization and quick go-live
Smooth borrower experience


End-To-End Solution For P2P Loan Origination And Servicing
Improved risk management and operational efficiency
Easy integration with in-house LMS and LOS systems

safe and secure

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