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Perfios Specialized Solutions offer solutions for just anybody on the path to automation of their lending space.

With our deep technology skills and machine learning capabilities, we offer you an end-to-end digital transformation to the lending journey for Retail and/or SME. Aptly named InteGREAT, the platform-based solution helps you expand your business exponentially, assisting customers, channel partners, and credit underwriters in the loan origination and management process with minimal infrastructure requirements. Add to this our Account Aggregator enabler modules, and you will have achieved complete digital transformation.

Complete digitization of loan origination
Customizable data categorization and output
Real-time decisioning of creditworthiness


Improved risk management & operational efficiency
Smooth borrower experience
Lowered cost and turnaround time
Highest level of security & compliance

Direct (B2C) and Channel based lending

IThe InteGREAT lending platform offers technology solutions for banks and financial institutions to onboard customers directly (B2C) as well as enable channel partners (e.g. DSA) to process loan applications in an end-to-end digitized journey.

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The InteGREAT P2P platform for lending is a digital onboarding solution for both investors and borrowers that provides in-depth financial analysis of their accounts.

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NBFC-AA Solution Accelerators

The recently announced Account-Aggregation data fiduciary framework is a full-stack solution for Financial Information Providers (FIPs) and Financial Information Users (FIUs) to fetch and present data via the data fiduciary.

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