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With the world continuously evolving around us, we are seeing a new generation of borrowers, customers with no credit history and a large digital footprint.

The traditional policy-driven rules-based credit decisioning that has worked so far is failing to accurately assess these first-time borrowers. Moreover, as the number of data sets are increasing, maintaining these policies is posing new challenges for the financial institutions.

With Perfios AI, credit decisioning no longer needs to be subjective and restricted to fixed Business Rules of credit risk management that were approved ages ago. Perfios AI uses its cutting-edge data and analytics platform to extract and perform real-time data analysis on the large digital footprint as a new source of insight for FIs to consider.

FIs can now make data-backed lending decisions, that are more accurate and real-time with drastically reduced cost pressures, infusing agility into the credit decisioning teams to manoeuvre quickly, and helping them launch new product lines with new sets of data, both traditional and non-traditional.

Perfios AI
1.6 M Loans Disbursed
1.6 M

Real-Time Data

260 K New Customers included
260 K
New Customers
<3.5% Loss Levels maintained
Loss Levels
22% Improvement in Avg Vin PAR 90+
in Avg Vin PAR


  • Digital Credit Scoring through a Holistic Approach
  • Model Level & Loan Level Transparency
  • AI & ML driven Digital Credit Scoring model
  • Business goals driven platform
  • Every decision has a reason
  • Customizable as per the FI’s specific needs for different products
  • Continuous self-learning system
  • Predictive analysis to accurately predict outcomes on newer market segments or geographies
  • Full credit decisioning using Digital Credit Scoring that includes:
    • Entity Scores
    • Sub scores
    • Risk-based loan features
Non-subjective decision making
Non-subjective credit risk analysis
Ability to automate Business Rules
Ability to automate Business Rules


Accurate and real-time analysis & decisioning
Accurate and real-time analysis & credit decisioning
Comprehensive Multidimensional Profiling
Comprehensive Multidimensional Profiling
Responsible and Fair Lending
Responsible and Fair Lending
Integrated Reporting & Analytics
Integrated Reporting & Analytics

safe and secure

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