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Gold on Akshaya Trithya!

This year Akshaya Trithya is falling on April 24th. As usual roads leading to the jewellery shops will be jammed with traffic and the only word you hear everywhere will be GOLD!

Whether you believe in this opportune day or not, the idea of investing in gold systematically is a good one. Gold is a good hedge against every phenomenon you can think of – inflation; political uncertainty; company, industry, sector or economy going through turmoil; global crisis – you name it. It is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and you should ideally have an exposure in the range of 7% to 10% of your portfolio.

As Indians, culturally we have a deep relationship with gold. Gold is a very significant part of the marriage expenses of daughters in particular. Therefore we all have some gold in ornamental form atleast. Having said that, one doesn’t feel comfortable taking gold in such form and selling it back to the jeweller. Even though you are doing that from an investment point of view, it feels desperate.

Therefore investing in gold either in physical form or through the paper route of gold ETFs is a good option.

In ‘physical’ form, you can buy and hold gold in bars or coins. These can be bought in various weights from as little as 4 to 50 grams at prices based on international bullion market. There are no added costs like design and making charges and the value cost moves in sync with the benchmark price of the base metal.

The only issues to investing in this way are that you have to store this gold somewhere safe usually in your locker, you cannot sell it back to the bank from which you bought this gold but only to a jeweller who may or may not give you full price for it and banks charge a premium of 10% to 20% on the base price. If you buy this gold from a jeweller than the purity of the gold is always suspect and not a concern only if you are selling it back to the same jeweller.

Gold ETFs or exchange traded funds are equivalent to mutual fund units with each unit equivalent to a gram of gold in most schemes (some schemes offer units that equal to half a gram). These ETFs can be bought and sold using a regular dematand trading account and the gold behind each unit has a quality of 99.9%.

There are some advantages to buying gold this way as you can buy gold in smaller units that fit your budget; advantage of long term capital gains is available from one year itself as opposed to 3 years in case of physical gold and lastly, wealth tax is not levied on ETFs.

An efficient way of growing your gold portfolio would be to invest in ETFs in a systematic and disciplined manner similar to a SIP. Earmark a particular date, say the 10th of every month or a quarter and buy units with a set amount (minimum amount of gold that you have to buy is 1 gram). This would be a great way for putting aside money for your daughter’s wedding still some years away.

AUM in gold ETFs was Rs.9,516 core at the end of March this year, which is an increase of 153% in one year, as per NSE data.

Wishing you an auspicious AkshayaTrithya

[Article contribution by International Money Matters]


Perfios Trendz

Perfios generates Trendz based on the aggregated and anonymized data within Perfios, the system dynamically ranks various entities (institutions, schemes etc.). Perfios Trendz presents these interesting statistics in a visually appealing manner so as to help you in getting a perspective of preferences for various financial institutions/schemes.


Top 5 financial institutions and instruments at Perfios

The data team at Perfios explains how Indians manage their money. Indians seem to be both unique in the way they manage their money and globalized in choosing investment patterns, both at the same time. Here we present various intriguing and insightful Infographics describing how and what Indians consider as money management.


Who manages money better? Women or Men?


How Indians Manage Money?


Watch this space as we bring you more interesting information...

Perfios re-launches its WAP Site [Press Release]

Perfios on mobile – loaded with all the features - needed on the go.

•    Easy access to important info helping quick decision making.
•    Account can be managed from mobile, in a secure environment. 
•    Perfios is promoted by serial entrepreneur V. R Govindarajan, co-founder of Aztecsoft

Bangalore – May 23, 2012 – With over 250,000 Indians already taking advantage of managing their financial portfolio at one place, Perfios (short for Personal Finance One Stop) has re-launched its mobile WAP site m.perfios.com.   

This mobile site shows the all-important and essential information needed on the go. Whether you are searching for a specific transaction, looking for your net asset (especially in these volatile market conditions) or wanting to browse through various accounts, the revamped mobile site provides the required information with minimum clicks. As a result, it can aid you in faster decision making on-the-go, thus minimizing any opportunity losses. With the new and improved mobile site, you will always be up-to-date with your financial status and can have the comfort of being on top of your financial health.

Mr. V. R. Govindarajan, Co-founder and director of the Perfios, said, “With around 70% of Indian population having a mobile phone and 25 million users actually using internet on their mobile phones, there is a huge potential for Perfios to address the needs of this mobile-savvy population. With many mobile-only applications entering the market, this new and improved site can address the needs of many of our users for whom mobile is the only (and the primary) device to access the internet.”

With just an email id required, Perfios is an answer to any individual who intends to manage her/his money better online. The subscription is available for free to start with and has paid plans as well. Going a step ahead in providing the best of privacy and security certification, Perfios is PLYNT certified as well - A certification taken by all major banks in India. Perfios last year also introduced online tax filing feature which enables its users to file taxes using their existing Perfios account.

About Perfios:

Perfios offers an innovative online Personal Finance Software solution that provides a 360 degree view of one’s Personal Finance. It helps manage an individual’s money, in any form, in a safe and trusted environment and helps analyze and understand Personal Finance in a simple, easy and secure way. From bank accounts to credit cards, investments and taxes, every detail of one’s Personal Finance can be tracked and managed at Perfios. Perfios is also completely Indian in character; it is constantly updated with the latest regulatory requirements including Tax Laws. The solution is available at www.perfios.com 

For queries contact:
Aditya Prasad
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Press Release first appeared on BUSINESSWIRE


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New TRAI Regulations

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To continue receiving SMSes from Perfios, please send a message

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Please write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any clarification.


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