Mr. A.G. Muralikrishnan

A.G. Muralikrishnan


Murali is a qualified Chartered Accountant- is the Founder & CEO of Ujwal management Services Limited, a company focused on assisting global technology corporations setup their offshore operations in Bangalore, India. By taking over the responsibility for managing the ‘non-core’ aspects of its customers business like finance and accounting, statutory compliances, etc., Ujwal enables its customers to have a razor sharp focus on the core aspects of their business. Under Murali’s leadership, Ujwal has grown quickly and has become the vendor of choice in its space. Murali has engendered a culture of delivery excellence, honesty and transparency within Ujwal and this has led to the development of a large, satisfied clientele.

Murali has also helped a few start-up companies in the semiconductor space from the boot-strap stage. A few of these start-ups have been hugely successful and eventually got acquired by large technology companies that are listed in U.S.

Prior to Ujwal, Murali had a highly successful stint as the CFO of Aztec Software. Murali was responsible for the successful completion of Aztec’s IPO in the year 2000. Later he was also responsible for recasting Aztec’s accounts under US GAAP. Murali was responsible for ensuring that Aztec was the first listed IT Company to announce its quarterly results for eight quarters running.