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Tax Statement Analyser

The tax statement analyser fetches tax documents of customers which includes Form 26AS, ITR V & ITR forms for employment verification of salaried and professionals customer type & income verification of all customer types required as part of credit assessment & decisioning and generates reports in machine readable form – XML/JSON as well as in human readable form – excel.
Perfios provides following options for fetching of tax documents:

  • Online from Net Banking account by providing net banking credentials.
  • From a public URL from financial institution’s application to fetch from TRACES or IT portal.
  • Online from IT portal by providing IT portal credentials.
  • Perfios back office portal by uploading tax E-Statements (PDF).

Tax Documents analyser benefits

Multiple options to fetch tax documents.
Automated tax documents fetch from multiple sources.
Automated tax document analysis report for employment & income verification.
Direct fetch of tax documents rules out possibility of fraudulent or fudged data.
Augments credit assessment and decisioning.



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