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Aug 28 2013

How To Save Big On Home Loans

As the rupee plays with 65 per dollar, many banks have raised their home loan interest rates and this largely impacts the common man who has recently taken a home loan or is planning to take one. When the loan is not taken on a fixed rate, such fluctuations impact buyers to a large extent. Hence the topic today covers the idea behind partial prepayment of the loan amount.

Aug 19 2013

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

The quote “fail to plan, plan to fail” can be applied to various aspects of our lives. Here though, we  are using it in the context of ones financial life. So what really is planning? Planning can be defined as thinking about and organizing all activities required to achieve a particular desired outcome.

Jul 15 2013

5 Must Have Insurance Covers

Term insurance, health insurance, personal accident insurance, critical illness cover and home insurance policies can help you protect against the risk of financial loss.

Jul 03 2013

All you wanted to know about the New Pension Scheme (NPS)

Retirement today has a very different connotation as compared to a decade ago. Retirement is no longer about living in a joint family with children and grandchildren, with all living needs taken care of by earning members of the family.

Jul 02 2013

All you wanted to know about the Gold Deposit Scheme

In India, one can't help but notice the crowd in gold jewellery stores and wonder if they are distributing this precious metal for free. Indians have a fascination for gold and it's no surprise that India is the largest importer of gold.

Jun 24 2013

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Most people perceive life insurance as a channel to invest money rather than get a life cover. So they would look at options where they can get a life cover and even get a part of the money back, if they survive. Before you take up any insurance policy, it is imperative to ask this question "Why am I taking this insurance policy and would my family benefit from it?"

Jun 12 2013

Tax benefits of the National Pension System

NPS or National pension System as a retirement scheme has definite ability to outperform the regular retirement investments options such as EPF and PPF over a longer duration.

Feb 22 2013

Sectoral expectations from Union Budget 2013

The Union Budget for the year 2013 is round the corner. This year's Budget is very critical for the Indian markets and the economy as a whole as the Finance Minister is likely to chalk out steps towards fiscal consolidation and policy measures to kick start activities in the infra space. Also, road map for several economic reforms which are touted as game changers for India like GST, DTC, land acquisition bill, FDI in insurance and pension is expected.

Feb 08 2013

Budget 2013: Will the common man be able to save more?

Year after year increasingly Budget for the common man is all about looking forward to answer one question- Will I be able to save more? Before we put in our expectations a quick glance at some of the numbers Finance Minister will be looking into before formulating this year's Budget.

Dec 12 2012

Keep your credit card SAFE from fraudsters!

Credit card as a financial instrument has changed the way we shop forever. It provides easy access to money without having to carry bundles of cash notes or to know exactly how much you will need. In today's age and time of online retailing, it would be near impossible to imagine shopping online without a credit card...

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