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Perfios InteGreat

Perfios InteGREAT

Perfios InteGREAT: The Digital Lending Powerhouse

Perfios InteGREAT is a platform designed to take your current lending process digital. It has the capability to collect, digitize and analyze all forms of data namely, Bureau, Bank Statements, Pay Slips, Tax Statements, GST, MCA data and KYC documents. The system can be configured to customize journeys for respective loan type and occupation of the customer. It covers all channels of acquiring customers such as Partner/Channel/DSA/ Feet on Street /RM/Sales Executive.

The platform can be extended to your channel partners with designate logins to complete the application when they are in front of the customer. They can fill the complete form online for the customer and collect all the required documentation for the application such as Bureau, Bank Statements, Pay Slips, Tax Statements, GST, MCA data and KYC documents.

This platform supports all data formats – Scanned Documents, Original E-documents and Direct Fetch from the source. All the uploaded documents are then digitized and analyzed to generate insightful reports and the end CAM of the applicant.

For E-documents and Direct Fetch, the reports and CAM can be generated in real time. In case of scanned documents, the reports and CAM can be generated in 2-3 hours*.  The platform can be integrated to push the reports and CAM into your existing system at multiple stages, so that your credit team is ready for the underwriting.

The Digital Lending Powerhouse

Agile and Configurable Lending Platform for P2P Players:

Perfios InteGREAT can also be used in P2P lending for getting borrowers and investors on board, validating their identity and generating credit assessment reports based on documents like Bank Statements, Financial Statements and Credit Bureau Reports. With multiple fetch modes such as Direct Fetch or E-statement upload, we can generate assessment reports in real-time. Borrowers and investors can be verified based on multiple KYC and identity verification services provided by Perfios, such as Driving License, Aadhar, Registration Certificate verifications, Legal checks and Financial checks.

Investors can view the applications, assess the applicants and invest based on their investment criteria. Investors can also set up auto investment rules to invest based on custom criteria.

An End to End Platform for Vendor/Supplier/Merchant On-boarding & Financing:

Vendor/invoice financing can be easily supported using Perfios InteGREAT. It supports onboarding vendors, verifying their documents and generating credit reports based on documents provided. Vendors can upload invoices for funding. InteGREAT generates credit assessment reports for the vendor and can assign interest rates based on the credit score of the vendor and the invoice/customer details. KYC verification and validation of vendors and investors is also done as part of the on-boarding process, with documents such as Registration Certificates, Driving License, Professional verifications such as CA, Doctor or Architect verification, Company reports using CIN, etc.

Investors can view and invest in invoices based on their investment criteria.  Auto investment options are also available for easy investment options.



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