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Insights Assist

Insights assist is an extension of Perfios Insights product platform. Unlike Insights Online which is completely end user facing, Insights assists is an assisted solution. It allows an RM or sales executive to capture basic details of a loan applicant through a standalone portal and leverages Perfios capability of generating and sharing a URL with end users to allow them to either enter their Net Banking credentials for direct fetch of net banking data or to upload Bank E-Statements. Once the Perfios analysis report is ready, the system sends a notification to the RM or sales executive to download the report which can be downloaded through a dashboard within the Insights assist portal.


Insights Assist provides following benefits

Has all capabilities of Insights Online.
Useful for financial institutions who don’t have a customer facing self-service loan application portal.
Applicable for both back office staff and on field sales staff.
Leverages Perfios’s generate link capability for real time direct Net Banking data fetch & E-Statement upload.
Option of generating separate links for Net Banking fetch & E-Statement upload.
Generates notification.
Dashboard view of loan applications with report download feature.



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