Income Tax

Please note that Perfios does not provide online tax filing facility. However, we continue to facilitate online tax filing through our partner. To file immediately.Click Here
You can also compute your Income Tax liability using Perfios Tax Wizard.

Perfios makes it easy for you to compute your Income Tax liability at any point in time. Perfios uses an Income Tax Wizard that makes it easy for anyone to get the Income tax calculations in a self-service mode. While calculating the Income Tax, most details will be automatically picked up from the account transactions you are maintaining within Perfios to name a few as interest on bank income, capital gain short/long from share, mutual fund investment. In this context, it is important that you categorize your transactions in Perfios correctly. Most categories are associated with Tax clauses (implicitly) and it is important that you choose an appropriate category for a transaction.

At any point in time, any Income Tax computation performed by Perfios can be overridden and you can enter a value manually.

Once you run through the steps of the wizard, it computes the tax liability and generates a report (similar to ITR2 form) and the report can be accessed through the Income tax report section. You can go back to the saved report any time to get to the transaction level details for the tax computation.

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