How Secure

  • Your credentials are NEVER stored on our servers but are encrypted and stored on your machine.
  • Perfios is a read-only application – we cannot and do not update any of your accounts with your Financial Institutions – without your permissions.
  • We use the security certificate from the industry-leader VeriSign that enables us to transfer data securely to and from your machine. We are certified by TrustGuard for our Security Practices and Implementations.
  • We do not know who you are. All we know is your email id.
  • As a policy we will NOT share or sell your email address to anyone. We are not in that business.
  • We are certified by TrustGuard for our Privacy Policies.
  • We are also periodically audited by Paladion which is a trusted name in the banking industry for security audits.

Perfios works with some of the best names in the Data Security business to ensure highest level of security VeriSign, TrustGuard and Paladion.


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