Financial Wellness Programs

Perfios, the one stop solution provider for personal finance, in collaboration with top domain knowledge experts, provides counseling to employees under a Financial Wellness Program. In these programs the employee’s interact with Perfios’ financial experts to get their queries answered. [On topics like – Investments, Tax Planning, Loans, Insurance etc].

Current pain points of a typical employee:

  • On an average at least 3 Bank Accounts and 2 Credit Cards
  • Not less than 10 accounts to be managed in the family
  • Login at 10 different websites
  • Forgotten bills, late fees etc
  • No access to reliable Financial Advisors
  • No access to reliable Income tax practitioners
  • Lack of awareness of important financial topics/changes

All leading to missed opportunities, penalties, lower returns on investment, wrong financial planning, incorrect investments and increased frustration!

As an employer and concerned about your employees well-being, you have the following questions:

  • Are they organized in their financial planning/ spending?
  • How prepared are they to handle unexpected high-financial implication events?
  • Is there any professional financial counseling support available them?
  • Are financial concerns becoming a distraction for them and increasing their stress at work?
  • How effective are your education and assistance programs in addressing and preventing employee financial issues?

Perfios Wellness Programs alleviates these pain points and help employees in these aspects, in multiple forms, like:

  • Financial Counseling, Planning and execution
  • Financial Health Tracking and Analysis
  • Income Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Financial Education
  • Income Tax filing for all employees

For more information on this program please write to Aditya(