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Perfios, the one stop solution provider for personal finance, in collaboration with top domain knowledge experts provides counseling to employees under our Financial Wellness Program. In this program the employees interact with Perfios Financial Experts to get their queries answered. [On topics like - Investments, Tax Planning, Loans, Insurance etc]. Find the excerpt of these sessions here....

Best long term and short term investment options for 2015

How is Credit Card charged when used abroad

Difference between Intraday Trading and Delivery Trading. Which One's better for you?

How safe is your bank safe deposit locker?

What is universal Account number?

What to look for when choosing a health insurance policy?

Why is your CIBIL score important?

How to use asset allocation strategies to create wealth?

How to evaluate a company when buying it's stock?

Ten Important Things to Know Before Applying for Education Loans

Understanding the 'top-down' and 'bottom up' approach in investing

Know the rule of 72 in investing

Comparing term life insurance and endowment life insurance

Aspects you should be clear about while taking a personal loan

5 simple financial tips to live your retired life on your own terms

Reviving a Lapsed Life Insurance Policy

SIP vs. Recurring Deposit - Which one's better?

SIP - Invest small, Invest Right

Important things which you should focus on in your Credit Card Statements

Maintaining a Money Plant

The 10 Money Demons - Good over Evil

Protect Your Heirs

Invest thru a non working spouse

Our Relationship With Money

PPF Investment A Must

Tax Planning at the beginning of the Year

15 Tips To Lower Food Bills

5 Reasons why Online Shopping Is Better?

Hits and Misses Of Budget 2014

14 Money Things To Do In 2014

Recap 2013 – 5 Important Things Impacting Your Finances

5 Things To Watch Out For In 2014

New Year Resolutions For A Better Financial Life

To Do’s For A Peaceful Retirement

How To Use Your Diwali Bonus?

How To Save Capital Gains Arising From The Sale Of House Property?

Credit Score – Why Is It Important And How To Improve It?

How To Get Back On Track After A Financial Setback

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Home Loan

How To Build A Solid Investment Portfolio?

WILL As A Tool For Estate Planning

Money Management Tips For The Newly Weds

Learn The Art Of Savings

Guide To Plan Your Health Insurance

Teaching your kids about money

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Direct Plan of Mutual Funds

Covering your risks using insurance

Home Loan - To prepay or not to prepay

Life Insurance - Do you need it and how much do you need

All you wanted to know about the Gold Deposit Scheme

Using technology to manage your financial affairs

All you wanted to know about the New Pension Scheme

How to Design Your Post Retirement Portfolio

5 Common Investing Mistakes!

Contingency Fund - Are you ignoring and essential?

Has Gold Lost its sheen?

Best Investment Options in 2013

Budget 2013: Will the common man be able to save more?

Sectoral Expectations from Union Budget 2013

Where to invest to save on Income Tax?

Insurance - More to it than saving tax!

Mutual Funds - Your way to wealth building.

Financial Planning - How simple decisions help you meet your goals?

Good Money Habits!

Interest Rates are rising, what are you doing?

Capital Gains Tax - Dos and Don'ts!

Retiring at 40 and How to Plan for other goals?

Inflation - How to plan your investments and loans?

Volatile Markets - What should you be doing?

All About term Insurance

Financial Freedom

Where to invest?

Tips to increase your take home salary

Common mistakes you commit with your investments

How your existing insurance fits in your portfolio

How to manage Credit Cards and Loans

Health insurance Now more options

Tips for better Mutual Fund Investing

What are tax saving instruments?

How to manage money while traveling abroad?

Women and Finance - A natural fit!

New Financial Year: Analyzing Budget Impact.

Top 10 reasons why PPF is an attractive Investment

How You Can Deal With The Petrol Price Hike!

All About Debt Products.

Are you managing your money effectively?

Protecting Your Retirement Funds

Balance Transfer Facilities for Credit Card Bills

Choosing The Right Mutual Fund

What does Financial Planning mean?

All about Investment in Equities

Health Insurance for Parents/Senior Citizens




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