Perfios is leveraging its core technologies in automating key aspects of certain common processes in financial institutions with Employment & Income Verification

Employment & Income Verification

Financial institutions or lenders can leverage Perfios E-Verification to verify the employer and income of salaried customers and income of self-employed customers who are applying for loans and credit cards. Employment and income can be verified from FORM 26AS for salaried customers and income from ITR forms for self employed customers. The data points fetched are name, address, date of birth, phone number, E-Mail address, employer name, total income, Total tax, TDS paid etc.
Form 26AS parameters can be fetched via net banking account and IT online API.
ITR forms parameter can be fetched using IT online API.
In addition to lending institutions the employment & income E-Verification can be leveraged by insurance companies, matrimonial websites, employee background verification firms etc.
The entire verification happens in real time providing a great end user experience, while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing cost for these financial institutions. Perfios E-Verification is a must for all financial institutions for use in various processes that may require automated and quick E-Verification of prospective customer.



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