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Debit Scorecard

Debit Scorecard is a scoring mechanism developed by Perfios that provides scores of potential individual or retail customers seeking credit based on the analysis of their debit transactions in their bank account statements.

A financing institution be it a bank, an NBFC or any micro lending organization, makes use of various documents to

  • Check credibility of the customer
  • To verify the intent to pay back

However most of the institutions look at existing liabilities and none of them look for signs in the debit transactions of savings account which could provide more than just good but reliable insights about the person’s savings and spending habits.

Perfios Debit Scorecard does exactly the same. It gathers information of the debit transactions in savings accounts and analyses the patterns using Machine Learning algorithm to find signs of mischief or ill intent. This is derived by the analysis of patterns if any of the ECS/ Cheque bounces transactions.


Benefits of Debit Scorecard

Totally customizable.
Works in conjunction with other credit scoring models.
Free of human error.
Completes missing picture of customer’s traits
Model improves with increase in relevant transactions.
Based on heterogeneous data helps expansion to newer customer segments.



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