Auto Update

Perfios Automatically connects (in a very secure environment) to your Financial Institutions keeping your Perfios account Auto Updated.

Other significant features of the application:

Perfios provides a 360 degree view of your personal finance status by consolidating ALL account types (Banks, Credit cards, Mutual Funds, Equity, Insurance, Loan, PPF, Bonds, Post Office and other Small Savings Instruments, Real Estate, Gold etc.) with minimal manual intervention
Perfios provides a unique way for you to upload statements of various account types so that data gets populated without any manual effort. This is extremely useful in an environment like India where many people may not have online access or not used to sharing online credentials.
In addition to uploading statements through the application, Perfios makes it easier for you to forward them using standard email. Any statement can be forwarded through email and Perfios takes care of populating the appropriate accounts for the user thus minimizing cumbersome and time-consuming data entry.
Perfios not only consolidates account information automatically, but also auto-categorizes the various transactions so that you can perform variety of analytics on the consolidated data
Manage the finances of your entire family using Perfios and yet preserve the privacy of an individuals accounts by using the Shared Accounts feature. Using this feature, you can not only share on a selective basis the required accounts with other family members, but also with one's tax consultant, financial planner etc.
Perfios has an automated Income Tax Wizard that helps in IT computation and Tax filing automatically from the data stored within Perfios. The system generates various IT related reports such as Balance Sheet, AIR, Cash Flow Statements and Capital Gain Reports.
In addition to accessing all the information from your PC, you can also use your mobile phone to perform all actions with the application
Automated Reminders and Alerts notifies you of the important payment, maturity dates etc.
A comprehensive Reporting Framework enables you to generate various reports that can provide insights into your finances so that you can take quick corrective actions
As a single stop portal, the solution also provides a Secure Document Storage so that you can store all relevant financial documents.
One website (single location) for you to access all data across all institutions
Some of the best names (VeriSign, TrustGuard and Paladion) in the Data Security business ensure that Perfios provides highest level of security for you..
Perfios provides plenty of other time-saving techniques that can make the Personal Finance Management a simple activity for you. Thus alleviating your current pain points without consuming too much time.

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