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Company Analysis Reports

The business development teams require various details about a corporate to do certain activities. Some of these activities include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Profiling
  • KYC information for current account opening
  • Vendor Onboarding

Perfios provides a standalone portal where sales executives and relationship managers can login and get various details about a company in form of reports. The reports are generated by pulling in company’s data from various sources like Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA), credit rating agencies like CRISIL, ICRA etc., EPFO and various other sources.
Perfios provides the following reports:

Company Basic

A user can search a company by company name or CIN. The information about the company is fetched in real time and displayed on the screen as a report. The report can also be downloaded in PDF. This report is useful for customer profiling and lead generation.

The basic report provides the following information:

  • Basic Information – Company Highlights
  • Director details including signatories and past directors
  • Potential related parties
  • Directors’ Info and other directorships

Company Summary

The company summary is little more comprehensive report which provides some extra details about a company which is not available in a basic report. This report is not generated in real time. An order is placed for it which is delivered within 1 business day. The report is only available as a PDF download. This report is useful for KYC details and vendor onboarding.
In addition to basic report information it provides the following additional information:

  • KYC Information
  • Financial statements’ summary
  • Credit ratings & defaults (Last 24 months)
  • BIFR History
  • Suits filed cases
  • Company Charges/Borrowings (Open & Satisfied)
  • Establishment details
  • Employment trends

Benefits of Company Analysis Report

Useful for business development team for various activities.
One stop-shop for collated company information.
Caters to companies of all business types.
Regularly updated information of over 17 lakh companies.
Availability of latest company information at all times.



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