Account Tagging – a smart way to earmark accounts.

Date: 28th September 2016

Account names can be boring such as Citibank-XXXX23 or PPF-XXX019. Not so much when you can easily associate them to the purpose – e.g. My Account vs. Kid’s Account, Retirement Fund, Kid’s Education etc.
Tags allow you to set the purpose of the account, if you will. A newly configured account is default tagged as – Self, which you can edit.
Creative tagging of accounts helps you pull up a report in a jiffy, by selecting a tag rather than bunch of accounts.

Creative usage of Tags

Manage your Family Portfolio under single Perfios registration, by tagging accounts as Self, Spouse, Kid. View reports for entire family or individuals. No more Account sharing between multiple Perfios registrations.
View PMS (Portfolio Management Service) performance by tagging constituent accounts. e.g. Tag relevant Demat and Mutual Fund accounts as ‘PMS’. View reports only for this tag.

How to tag an account

Visit summary or transaction view of an account. Notice the yellow tag icon. Click on the icon to see a text box. Type any number of tags separated by comma (,) and click on Save.

Bank account

Alternately, “Manage Accounts” view for every asset class allows you to tag multiple accounts in one go. Look for “Tag Accounts” button, top-right of account list.

How to use tags

Quick Reports – Use a tag to launch your favorite report.

Quick reports

Account wrongly tagged? – you may fix this right here in “Quick Reports”. Click on the yellow tag icon.
Tags can also be used in Export Data, Portfolio Tracker, Account selection for Budget and while creating Income Tax Profile for an individual.