What is Perfios?

Perfios (PERsonal FInance One Stop) is a web based Personal Finance application that provides a complete view of your financial status at anytime, anywhere. It is also first of its kind in India.
Be it Bank accounts, Credit Cards, Mutual Fund investments, Equity accounts, Insurance policies, Loans, Fixed Deposits etc. anything that revolves around your finance can be tracked at Perfios.
Yes, no more logging in to multiple accounts, either link your financial accounts with Perfios or simply forward/ upload all your account statements to Perfios. Yes, It’s that easy.
You can even compute your Income Tax, file your Income Tax, store financial documents, see your shopping, dining and other spending patterns and do much much more!
And the best part – The base version comes absolutely FREE to you.

Who we are?

The members of the Perfios think-tank have had long, successful stints at organizations leveraging the best-of-the-breed technologies to build intuitive, secure software applications for the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) sector.
The founding team members have served as C-level executives in several multinational organizations and have been instrumental in setting up and managing global delivery teams. The members have also successfully transformed several start-up software companies into large, profit-making enterprises.