V.R. Govindarajan (Govi):
As a co-founder, Director of Perfios, Govi is responsible for setting and executing the vision for the company and ensuring that Perfios becomes the most trusted name in the Personal Finance software space in India.
Govi has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry in both US and India. Prior to co-founding Perfios Software, Govi was a co-founder, CTO and member of the Board at Aztecsoft, a pioneer in the Offshore Product Development space. Under Govi’s technical leadership, Aztecsoft grew to be a strong technology-oriented company, went public in the Indian markets with operations in India, US and Europe. Earlier in his career, Govi has worked extensively in the database technology area with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and IBM.
Govi has a MS in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a BE in Electrical and Electronics from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is quite active in the database technology community and is part of various conferences organized in India and elsewhere.
Debasish Chakraborty (DChak):
DChak is the Chief Technical nerd and co-founder of Perfios. Spending 22 years in the software industry cost him much of his hair. After surviving B. Tech and M. Tech programs respectively from IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanpur, DChak spent several years in Wipro writing optimizing compilers. The compilers had a good market thanks to lack of foreign competition due to Govt’s restrictive policy.
He later joined IBM India and moved around IBM T J Watson Labs and Almaden Research Labs doing device driver and database related works. In 1997 he joined Govi at Aztec as one of the founding members. During the Aztec years he developed stuff known as frameworks and App servers and enjoyed the role of Architect for the captive audience of software developers.
At Perfios, he is back to his favorite role, leading the team to architect and implement the Perfios product lines. A well-known OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) patient, he is known to lose his cool even if a space character is out of place while reviewing software programs.