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To process loan applications (retail & SME), the applicant must submit bank statements for a specific period as stipulated by the bank.

In general, once you’re logged into your online banking website, look for options such as “Download transactions” or “Download account details”, then choose a format (e.g. PDF) to download the bank statement.

This is a quick help guide on how to download your bank statement through net banking with a few examples

Step 1:

Log into your HDFC Bank account through this link:

Step 2:

Click “Enquire”

Step 3:

Click “Download historical statement”

Step 4:

a) Choose the Account Number from the drop-down
b) Select the “Specific Period” for which you want to download the statement
c) From the drop-down, select the format in which to download the statement
d) Click “Download”

Step 1:

Log into ICICI Bank account through this link:

Step 2:

Choose the option Personal Banking from the dropdown and click “Login”

Step 3:

Enter “User ID” & “Password”, click “Login”

Step 4:

Click on “Mini/Detailed Statement” from the left menu bar under “My Shortcuts”

Step 5:

Under “Bank Accounts”, select “Salary Account”, select the PDF File option and click on “View Detailed Statement”:

Step 6:

Enter “Transaction Date from” & “to” which you want to download the statement, or choose “Transaction Period” (e.g. Last 6 months) and click “Get Statement”

Step 7:

Select the file format option (e.g. PDF File) from the bottom of the transactions and click “OK” to download the bank statement


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