Easiest way to track your money on the go!

Perfios, your favorite and the best money manager in India, launches its very own Android App! Now get the power to manage all your bank accounts, credit cards and cash transactions on your phone.

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Ease your money management

Download the Perfios Money App on your phone from the Android Play Store and see how it automates the way you manage your money, completely. Perfios is the easiest way to track your money, automatically. Directly link all your bank and credit card accounts and stay updated on your cash position and card dues. Set your own category budgets, Perfios will track them for you. Categorise your transaction, analyse them with the help of our comprehensive slide & dice offerings and take control of your expenses! All this and more for free.

connect accounts

Link all your bank and credit cards accounts here, get automatic updates OR create a forward account, forward all your e-statements here and keep it up to date.

view reports

Analyse your shopping, dining, entertainment and other spending patterns right here. Perfios provides you greater insights into your finances.


Track your spending against your budget. Perfios automatically tracks the expenses across all accounts and sends you alerts regularly.

App Features

Quick SignUp

Start managing your money with the fastest SignUp. Only email id required.

Cash in Hand

Dashboard tells you exactly where you stand, cash-wise.

Stay in Command

With all your accounts updated, Perfios App keeps you on top of your finances. Always.

Instant Update

Enter cash transactions as soon as you spend it, Perfios updates reports and budgets instantly.


An easy to use interface makes Perfios app extremely beneficial without any hassle.

Safe & Secure

Perfios is VeriSign, TrustGuard and Paladion certified, making it completely safe and secure.

What others say about perfios

Perfios is perhaps the best tool for a family's personal finance needs. It is user friendly, support is fast and above all, new features are launched regularly...More

Amit Maheshwari,

Senior Project Manager, Pitney Bowes Software

I'm using Perfios now for a long time. It was much awaited application for me as I keep record of all my finance with software like MS Money which was very tedious job to enter...More

Jignesh Modi,

Quality Control Analyst Petrorabigh Ltd.

With Perfios managing my vast spread portfolio was made easy and it helped me get rid of unwanted elements in my Investment assets...More

Prabeesh Raman

Services Specialist,IBM